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City Expert website has different types of content regulated by City Expert Global d.o.o. By accessing and/or using this website you acknowledge you agree to these terms of use.

You can use the City Expert website only by accepting the terms, conditions, and disclaimers, without any exception. By accessing this website you agree to these terms and conditions.

Rules of use

City Expert Global d.o.o. frequently checks and updates information published on the website.

City Expert Global d.o.o. reserves the right to change terms and conditions and regulatory publications.

City Expert Global d.o.o. shall assume no responsibility for the information posted online, or guarantee that the information is updated, validated and completed.

User registration

Upon registration, the user is required to enter name, surname, e-mail and set the password to access his/her account. The registered user may also enter other information in order to improve his user experience.

User verification

For successful verification the registered user is required to enter his/her personal information (country of residence and national identification number). If City Expert Global d.o.o. requires the user to verify his/her identity by sending a photo of ID card (both sides) or passport (the page with personal information), the user is obliged to do so.

In accordance with the Law on Personal Data Protection, the Broker has adopted the Ordinance on Personal Data Protection and manages the data collection, which is registered under the number 164-00-00018/2016-07 at the Commissioner for information of public importance and personal data protection.

Scheduling the property viewing

Only verified users can schedule property viewings in order to buy, sell, rent or lease the property advertised on the website.

By verification, the user gives an irrevocable consent to City Expert Global d.o.o. to share the personal information with the owner whose property the user schedules to see, thereby fulfilling his/her obligations to the owner from the Brokerage Agreement.


If the registered user, or a person related to him/her (spouse, common-law spouse, next of kin, brother, sister, and others), after the City Expert Global d.o.o. enables the viewing of the property advertised on the website, concludes a preliminary or main contract of the sale/lease of the immovable property with the property owner, he/she is thereby obliged to no later than 3 (three) days of concluding the contract, notify City Expert Global d.o.o. about conclusion of the same and provide a photocopy of the concluded preliminary contract or contract (by e-mail, in person, or via mail).

If the registered user fails to fulfill his/her obligation to notify and submit a photocopy within the time limit specified in the previous paragraph, the user is obliged to pay the company City Expert Global d.o.o., in the name of compensation for damages, the amount of 2,000.00 euro (in letters: two thousand euros) in RSD countervalue under the NBS middle exchange rate on the day of invoicing, within 3 (three) days from the day of invoicing.

Third party links and content

City Expert website may contain links to other websites. City Expert Global d.o.o. shall assume no responsibility, without any restrictions, for those websites, and will not be held responsible for contents of third party websites, their links to other websites, changes, and updates.

Prohibited and illegal use

To use the City Expert website you need to agree not to use the website in an illegal manner or break any of the rules and regulations stated in the terms and conditions. You are not allowed to use this website in any manner that is compromising, disrespectful, or can lead to potential web server overload, including using this website in a manner that is harmful both to the website and its users. It is prohibited to use or try to access the materials, content, and information in a way that is not already provided or offered on the website.

Limitation of liability

Information, software, products, and services available on this website or through the website can contain some inaccuracies or typographical errors. The information on the website is changed periodically. City Expert Global d.o.o. can update and/or change the webpage at any moment. Content published on the webpage cannot be used for making personal, legal or financial decisions.

City Expert webpage shall assume no responsibility for potential damage that can be caused by indirect, direct, accidental, consequential or any other damage related to the webpage activity or its use. The given rule shall apply to the maximum extent as stipulated by the applicable law.

Suspension and termination

City Expert Global d.o.o. shall hold the right to terminate your access to the webpage and the services provided on the page or any of its parts, at any time and with or without notice.

Intellectual property and copyright

City Expert Global d.o.o. retains ownership of all rights and content published on City Expert webpage. It is not allowed to copy, scrape, publish, promote, market, integrate, utilize, combine or otherwise use the content or images without our written permission.

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