Cookie Policy

Our website uses cookies to provide you with the best user experience. They allow us, for example, to display the content of the website in an adequate way on each of your devices or web browser ("web browser") through which you access it, or to adapt the content that we place on the website to your interests. The information we collect in this way may in some cases be personal information, but it does not have to be. Because the Company respects your privacy, in this section we want to explain to you what and how we use "cookie" data, as well as to show you that in certain cases you can manage the way we use "cookies" in connection with your use of the website. When a website allows you not to select or exclude certain "cookies" and you opt for this option, it may reduce the functionality of the website. Also, keep in mind that the settings you choose to turn off will need to be turned off for each other device or web browser separately.

Cookies are simple text files that are stored in the user's web browser or on his device. The task of the "cookie" is primarily to enable the website to "recognize" the user when he accesses it next time. In this situation, the website uses the data stored in the "cookie" and thus automatically receives information about the previous activity of the user on the website. Cookies cannot access your data stored on devices, but they can collect information about your online activities.

Cookies are not harmful to the user or his device and should not be confused with viruses. Cookies do not contain viruses or other malicious code.

Depending on how long they stay in the user's web browser, we distinguish between cookie sessions (they are retained only during a specific search session and are automatically deleted when it ends, and are used to give you access to specific content) or permanent " cookie ”(longer or shorter period,“ remembers ”information for subsequent visits to the website, is retained until you delete them manually or until they expire according to the estimated duration, e.g.“ cookies ”that allow the website to“ remember ”login information in case of creating an account or "cookie" for tracking).

Depending on who they belong to, there are first-party cookies (cookies set by the Company as the owner of the website you are browsing) and third-party cookies set by our selected partner companies that provide us with various services, e.g. analytical because they collect and process certain information about how you use the website and provide us with information in an anonymized form, or these "cookies" allow you to display related content on their websites or other sites on the Internet).

Cookies can contain different information and be used for different purposes. The company uses the following types of cookies:

  • MANDATORY – necessary "cookies" - Mandatory cookies make the site usable by enabling basic functions such as page navigation and access to protected content. The company uses cookies that are necessary for the proper functioning of our website, to enable certain technical functions and thus provide you with a positive user experience.
  • PERMANENT – necessary for easy access - These cookies usually have an expiration date far in the future and as such will remain in your web browser until they expire, or until you delete them manually. We use persistent cookies for functionalities such as “Stay logged in”, which makes it easier for the user to access as a registered user. We also use persistent cookies to better understand user habits, so that we can improve the website according to your habits. This information is anonymous - we do not see individual user data.
  • STATISTICS - statistical cookies - Statistical cookies anonymously collect and send data to help site owners to understand how visitors communicate with the site. These are cookies that enable the Company web analytics, i.e., analysis of the use of our site and measurement of traffic, which the Company conducts to improve the quality and content of the services offered.
  • MARKETING - “cookies” data for marketing purposes - Marketing cookies are used to track visitors through websites. They are used to show users relevant ads and encourage them to participate, which is important for third-party publishers and advertisers.

You can control the use of cookies by selecting the appropriate settings in your web browser. More information can be found at the following links:

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