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Municipality Stari grad

The central city municipality is the keeper of the rich history and tradition of Belgrade. At the same time it is the center of modern urban happenings and tourist attractions. If the sentence "Belgrade, the city that does not sleep" describes any part of the city, it is Stari Grad.


Municipality of Stari Grad spreads across 698 ha, and is populated by 70,000 people. It is one of three municipalities that encompass the centre of Belgrade and it is known as "Downtown Belgrade". It has been known as Stari Grad since 1961.

City municipality of Stari Grad
Makedonska 42, tel: 3227-104, 7852-999

Kancelarija za mlade GO Stari grad
Makedonska 42, telefon: 3300-657

Health center of Stari Grad
Sima's 27, tel. 011.3215.600 / 011.3215.700

Post offices of Stari Grad

  • Zmaj Jovina 17, work hours: 08.00-19.00 ; 08.00-19.00, phone number: 011/3210-013
  • Nušićeva 16, work hours:  08.00-19.00 ;08.00-15.00, phone number: 011/3223-139
  • Cara Dušana 14-16, work hours:  08.00-19.00; 08.00-15.00, phone number:  011/2637-070
  • Gospodar Jevremova 17, work hours:  08.00-15.00, phone number:  011/2625-631
  • Gundulićev Venac 12, work hours:  08.00-15.00, phone number:  011/3231-257
  • Boulevard of Despot Stefan 10, work hours:  09.00-16.00, phone number: 011/3223-451
  • Dubrovačka 35, work hours:  08.00-19.00 ;08.00-15.00, phone number: 011/2920-723
  • King Milan 14, work hours: 07.30-15.00, phone number:  011/3347-882


Stari grad

Stari grad is the epicenter of urban happenings. Festivals, businesses and cultural performances usually choose Stari Grad as its host. The most famous monuments can be found within this very municipality. Belgrade Fortress is the most famous of all. It is the oldest, best kept monument in Belgrade. Also, everyone who ever visited Belgrade, had to walk down Knez Mihailo street. Republic Square is known as a place where people of Belgrade usually meet, and Skadarlija is known to be a bohemian area with a large number of symbols representing old times. Dorćol, Terazije, King Milan street and hotel Moscow, will be named by everyone as must-see locations.


Given that Stari Grad is located in the very center of Belgrade, it is clear that it has no problem with connections to other areas of the city. From the Student's Square leave the numbered 31, 19, 21, 22, 28, 29 and 41 buses and the Republic Square is the beginning stop for buses numbered 27, 27E, 32E and 96, along with various night lines.

On the territory of Stari Grad you can ride with tramways numbered 2, 5, 10 and 11 and, additionally, with buses numbered 23 and 37.

If you want to go to New Belgrade or Zemun, the buses you need are 15, 60, 67, 68, 71, 72, 75 and 84.


Stari Grad has 10 primary and 11 secondary schools. Kindergarten facility "Children's Days" functions as the unique organizational entity to which all of the 11 kindergartens belong to.  At the Student`s Square you can find various faculties – Chemical, Physics, Faculty of Physics and Chemistry, Mathematical, Geographical, Biological, Faculty of Philosophy and even the building of the Belgrade University. Other than those mentioned. Stari Grad houses 9 other faculties, which makes this municipality the center for students of Serbia. On the territory of Stari Grad, the oldest high school, First Belgrade School, is also located.

Besides the educational facilities, Stari Grad has a large number of cultural facilities such as ``Parobrod``, various Museums ( Military Museum, City Museum…), theatres, galleries and libraries.


The most important sporting center in this part of town is named "Milan Gale Muškatirović" which has three outdoor pools ( Olympic, recreational, children's), indoor Olympic pool, a sauna, a gym and a big hall for various sports.

"Milan Gale Muškatirović"
Tadeuša Košćuška 63
Phone number: 218-22-42


Stari grad

If you want to feel like you are in old times, tavern "Question mark" is the right choice. It is the oldest tavern on the Balkans and it is a true hedonistic oasis. Visitors and locals both adore Skadarlija, the bohemian area with great restaurants and music. Dorćol is the favorite part of town for many young people because there they drink their afternoon coffees with the local crowd that has become synonymous with downtown. Other than that, the most famous coffee shops and bars are located on streets such as Strahinjića Bana, Cetinjska, Gospodar Jevremova. A large number of concept stores and souvenir shops are located nearby, as well.

Stari grad is very old and it does not have large shopping malls, which makes it the perfect destination for those who like the not-so-modern way of shopping. The center of the more luxurious shopping is King Petar street, and along the way you can find interesting designs and original items.


  • Population: around 70.000
  • Average price per m2 for sale: around 1 652 €
  • Average price per m2 for rent: around 7.9 €
  • Schools: 21 (10 primary, 11 secondary)
  • Kindergartens and preschools: 14
  • Health: 1 Community Health Centre, 5 hospitals,  3 polyclinics, 59 practices
  • Parks: 5
  • Shopping malls: 12

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