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Municipality of Čukarica

If you are tired of the city crowds, but you do not want to be too far from the center, Čukarica has got what you need! This municipality is perfect for those who love nature but do not want to give up the comfort of living in the city. Once vineyards and flower gardens covered this area but today there are streets that proudly preserve the spirit of earlier days.


The Municipality of Čukarica covers an area of 15,650 hectares with a population of nearly 2 hundred thousand people. It is divided into urban and suburban area. The urban area of this municipality is part of the urban zone of Belgrade which is made up of 15 settlements, while the suburban part of the municipality covers eight villages.

Opština Čukarica

The story about Cukarica has been going on for more than a century. In 1911 the then village of Čukarica was allocated from the Zarkovacka municipality. The newly-formed municipality is named after Čukarevoj tavern that is a bar which was located on the site of encounter of Žarkovac and Obrenovac roads.

The city municipality Cukarica
Šumadija square 2,
Phone number: 3052-100
E-mail: [email protected]
Customer center - information: 3052-130

Health Center Cukarica
Požeška 82, work hours: 07:20
Phone number:3538-300

Post offices in Cukarica

  • ŠUMADIJA SQUARE 2/A, WORK HOURS: 07.30:19.30, SATURDAYS: 07.30:15.30, phone number: 325-5013
  • ACA JOKSIMOVIĆ 2B, WORK HOURS: 08.00:19.00, SATURDAYS: 08.00:14.00, phone number: 3535-154
  • BOULEVARD OF DUKE MISIC 12, WORK HOURS: 10.00:16.30, SATURDAYS: 10.00:14.00, phone number: 2684-877
  • POŽEŠKA 146, WORK HOURS: 08.00:19.00, SATURDAYS: 08.00:14.00, phone number: 3535-133
  • RATKO RESANOVIĆ 1, WORK HOURS: 08.00:15.00, phone number: 2505-6943
  • LIEUTENANT SPASIĆ I MAŠER 88, WORK HOURS: 08.00:15.00, phone number: 3559-722
  • RATKO MITROVIĆ 141, WORK HOURS: 08.00:19.00, SATURDAYS: 08.00:14.00, phone number: 2513-843
  • KOSMAJSKA 58, WORK HOURS: 08.00:19.00, SATURDAYS: 08.00:14.00, phone number: 2508-861
  • STEVAN BRAKUS 4, WORK HOURS: 09.00:16.00, phone number: 7555-064
  • BLAGOJE PAROVIĆ 102, WORK HOURS: 08.00:15.00, phone number: 3545-491
  • PALISADSKA 1G, WORK HOURS: 08.00:18.30, SATURDAYS: 08.00:13.30, phone number: 3535-135
  • RADNIČKA 63B, WORK HOURS: 08.00:19.00, SATURDAYS: 08.00:14.30, phone number: 3544-517
  • OSLOBOĐENJA 27A, WORK HOURS: 08.00:13.30, SATURDAYS: 08.00-12.30, phone number: 8000-021
  • DARINKA RADOVIĆ 39, WORK HOURS: 08.00:19.00, SATURDAYS: 08.00:15.00, phone number: 2572-212
  • KARAĐORĐE 14, WORK HOURS: 07.30:14.00, phone number: 8070-468
  • BEOGRADSKA 157A, WORK HOURS: 08.00:19.00, SATURDAYS: 08.00:14.30, phone number: 3535-144
  • BEOGRADSKA BB, WORK HOURS: 08.00:14.00, SATURDAYS: 08.00:13.00, phone number: 2522-808
  • LOLE RIBARA 156, WORK HOURS: 09.00:15.00, SATURDAYS: 09.00:13.00, phone number: 2571-880
  • ŽELEZNIČKA 7, WORK HOURS: 08.00:18.30, SATURDAYS: 08.00:14.00, phone number: 3535-145
  • DESETOG OKTOBRA 4, WORK HOURS: 08.00:14.00, SATURDAYS: 08.00:13.00, phone number: 8075-167

Opština Čukarica

Interesting facts about Cukarica

Čukarica is rich in parks and greenery, but also has a modern décor, thus it represents a combination of urbanization and nature and it is ideal for those who like to take a break from the city hustle and bustle.

The bathing area Ada Ciganlija that offers the opportunity to enjoy the summer near the city center, as well as the Hippodrome at Emperor's bridge that is the oldest sports venue in Belgrade can not be avoided when Cukarica is mentioned. There is also a picnic area Košutnjak, which is perfect if you want to spend a weekend in nature but you do not want to leave the city. One of the newer attractions of the municipality is Ada Bridge with the pylon which is 200 meters high.

Many churches as well as cultural properties, including archaeological sites Ledine in Žarkovo and Medovište in Great Moštanica are located on this municipality. The sugar factory that is the first facility of this kind in Belgrade is worth mentioning. It is an example of industrial architecture as it was created at the end of XIX century in northern and central Europe.

Čukarica Municipality is well connected with the rest of Belgrade and also with the Ibar highway. Thus the boundaries between the city and the suburbs are virtually extinct.


The municipality of Čukarica is well connected to the rest of Belgrade and the Ibar highway, so the borders between city and the suburb are practically gone.

Numerous buses link Čukarica with all parts of the city. Lines 23 and 53 pass through Banovo brdo on their way from Vidikovac to downtown, and numbers 49, 50, 57 and 87 depart from it. 51 takes you from Bele vode to Main train station, while 52 goes from Cerak to Zeleni venac. 37 also passes through Čukarica on it’s way from Kneževac to Pančevo bridge. 55 goes to Zvezdara over Čukarička padina, and 56 and 89 also pass it. 58 and 88 are there to link Železnik with rest of the city, while three digit buses 511, 512, 531, 533, 534 lead to the suburb.

Streetcars are also utilized; 3 goes through Banovo brdo, and 12 and 13 depart from it.

Opština Čukarica


Čukarica has created favourable circumstances for children and young people which can be concluded from the fact that there are as much as 19 primary and seven secondary schools located on this municipality. There are Hotelier High School, College of Sports and the Faculty of Sport and Physical Education, as well as the Faculty of Forestry for those that are little older. At Cukarica there are numerous kindergartens and preschools that are available for the youngest residents.

Opština Čukarica


Čukarica Municipality has numerous sport facilities, and there are sport clubs which members are of all ages.

Opština Čukarica

Sport tradition is important for this municipality, and there is no doubt that future champions are now exercising on one of the court or the pools on Čukarica. It is worth to mention the Sports and Recreation Center "Košutnjak" which includes five sports Halls for different sports, as well as five swimming pools for children and adults. Sports fans can follow the matches of FC "Rad" and BC "FMP" that compete in the highest ranks of domestic competitions.

Opština Čukarica

Shopping and leisure

Restaurants and cafes on Čukarica are famous for the variety and it is easy to find a meal that suits every taste. You can find traditional cuisine, as well as fast food, bakeries and pastry shops at this municipality.

If you like to spend time in the kitchen and work on your culinary skills, markets on Čukarica are there to provide you with fresh groceries for your enjoyment.

At Cukarica there are numerous shopping centers, and the most famous one probably is the City Hall on Ban's hill. If you want to explore and find something that is not available in the largest shopping malls then the local boutiques may surprise you with their offer. In addition to shopping, you can spend leisure time in a variety of cafes and pubs, as well as cinemas Roda Cineplex and Palace Šumadija (Roda 2).

Additional information:

  • Population: around 200.000
  • Average price per m2 for sale: around 1 230 €
  • Average price per m2 for rent: around 4.70 €
  • Schools: 26 (19 primary schools, 7 secondary schools)
  • Kindergartens and preschools: 21
  • Health: 1 Community Health Centre (3 sectors, 2 objects), 2 polyclinics, 33 medical offices
  • Parks: 5
  • Shopping malls: 13
  • Parking zones: free zone
  • Parking space – enough space, rare jams

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