New Build Homes in Niš - New Construction Real Estate for Sale

New building in Niš

Welcome to Constantine's city. The largest city in the south of Serbia and the third largest in Serbia, the city of Niš got its name from the river Nišava. According to City Expert, in 2021 there is a clear trend of increasing the share of buying apartments in new construction in relation to the total real estate sale on the market in Niš. Data from the Republic Bureau of Statistics shows that the market share of new construction in total real estate sales is increasing and that new construction is taking a significant lead in the real estate market and currently accounts for 30% of real estate sales, while the rest is old construction. The reasons for the growing demand for new construction in Niš are that the prices of old construction are increasingly equal to the price of new buildings, because new build homes is built in accordance with customer needs, so it has a garage, air conditioning while the layout and structure of the building are defined by affinities and customer preferences.

Sale of new build homes in Niš

If we look at the entire real estate market in Niš, we notice a clear increase in real estate turnover. When we compare this year with last year, there is a growth trend of 40%. Because that period was affected by the closure due to the coronavirus, we can compare the data with 2019 where there is also a growth trend of 30%. This shows that construction is underway in Nis, that there are interested buyers and an increasing number of investors. The price of apartments in new buildings in Niš is determined primarily by the location of the building, the quality of construction and the degree of construction of the building.