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Pet saveta za prvo iznajmljivanje stana u životu!
Searching for a new apartment and moving in can be exhausting, and when it comes to renting your first apartment, the task is particularly challenging. If you're not experienced, there's a chance something unpleasant might surprise you. To avoid complications, we've prepared a checklist for you to go through before you take the final jump into your independent life. An exciting phase is ahead of you, so we want you to enjoy the process!
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Who is the building manager and what is his job?
In recent decades, with the growth of construction and residents in the Serbian capital, the needs for organizing all aspects of residential living in apartment buildings have significantly increased, such as regular maintenance, cost management, and repairs. Previously, these matters were handled by the presidents of the residents' assembly, who were often the owners of the apartments themselves. However, in recent years, this responsibility is increasingly shifting to professional management. Moreover, there is data indicating that over 50% of residential communities in Belgrade engage professional managers.
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Finding the perfect family home - Five key factors!
One of the most crucial decisions for any family is choosing a place to live. In their future home, family members will spend the majority of their time, creating countless memories, which makes a thoughtful decision of utmost importance.
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Historical properties in Serbia - Guardians of the past
Despite constant construction and changes in the urban landscape, Serbian cities preserve fragments of history in numerous old buildings that serve as time machines through bygone eras.
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Buying property for temporary residence in Serbia - the easiest way?
For years, Serbia has been an attractive destination that makes tourists consider longer stays or permanent relocation. Besides a lifestyle appealing to different generations, rich history, and a unique mentality, Serbia offers favorable conditions for work and education, with generally lower living costs compared to Western European countries. This economic factor makes Serbia particularly attractive for those seeking a higher standard of living at affordable prices.
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Legal aspects of buying real estate by foreign citizens in Serbia
The real estate market can be a labyrinth of complex rules and regulations, especially for foreign citizens looking to invest outside their home country. Serbia, as an attractive destination with a growing real estate market, is attracting an increasing number of foreign citizens. However, before embarking on this process, it is essential to understand the legal aspects of purchasing real estate in Serbia.
cityexpert Advises for the Russians
Russians in Serbia: A comprehensive immigration guide
In recent years, Serbia has become an increasingly attractive destination for Russians seeking to immigrate, with this trend particularly increasing especially in the context of the Ukrainian crisis. More and more Russians recognize Serbia as a land of opportunity, whether for business relocation, property investment, or, more broadly, due to its exceptionally liberal immigration laws.
cityexpert Advises for the Russians
What conditions for Serbian citizenship should Russians fulfill?
Citizenship implies a relationship between a person and the state. By acquiring the status of a citizen, a person receives certain rights guaranteed by the state (civil, political, social, economic, etc.) but also obligations and responsibilities (eg mandatory military service). Therefore, there are rights and obligations that are guaranteed only to citizens of a certain country, while foreigners cannot claim them (eg the right to vote - the right to vote and be elected). As a rule, citizenship represents a relationship of a permanent nature, which can end only in certain cases, with the fulfillment of prescribed conditions.
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Legal advice
The probate procedure (the legal term is the probate procedure) is a procedure that regulates the transfer of a deceased person's property (that is, the estate) to his heirs. This procedure is essential because it enables the fair and legal distribution of the deceased's property, in accordance with his will or legal provisions on inheritance.
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Cheap electricity - When is electricity more affordable, and how to use it?

In the era of increasing global energy uncertainty and rising energy prices, saving is one of the mechanisms for overcoming the crisis. Affordable electricity and its use is a way to lower electricity bills.

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BW Riviera - The premium building of the most modern architecture

The most luxurious residential complex in the Balkans, "Belgrade Waterfront," will soon receive the premium building "BW Riviera," intended for lovers of a glamorous lifestyle in the heart of the Serbian capital. Located in the first row to the Sava River, "BW Riviera" stands side by side with the tallest building in the region, the "Belgrade Tower," due to the most modern architecture and the most exclusive location, which will offer a spectacular view.

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Infostan accounts: What does infostan include, and how is the price formed?

The public utility company "Infostan tehnologije" is part of the utility system of the City of Belgrade, whose activity is the unified collection of utility services. The method of unified billing (SON) of communal services in Belgrade was established on January 1, 1977. The price is determined by public companies that deliver their services to users and the Assembly of the City of Belgrade, which gives consent to price changes. At the same time, PUK "Infostan tehnologija" only makes the payment. There are currently more than 800,000 users in the unified billing system.

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Soon, a new luxury building in Belgrade Waterfront

The long-awaited building in the most luxurious residential complex in the region, "Belgrade Waterfront," will finally welcome its customers. This premium building will find its place on the bank of the Sava River, with direct access to the Sava Promenade, right next to the Belgrade Tower, the new symbol of the capital. The first row to the river and the beautiful view from the spacious terraces will pleasure hedonists and lovers of luxurious, cosmopolitan life..

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Top 5 mountains in Serbia that are increasingly popular

Kopaonik, Zlatibor, Tara, and Stara Planina are some of the most famous mountains for vacations in Serbia that everyone has heard of. Whether it's about the rich tourist offer, natural beauty, rich flora, and fauna, or because of the groomed ski slopes, some mountains follow these mountains with their beauty and, for some reason, are in the background. In this text, you will learn about the mountains we think should be visited and why you should have their names in your travel planner.

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Basic terms that you should understand if you are buying an apartment in a new building

When buying an apartment in a new building, you need to know the essential documentation you will encounter. This text explains how each document makes purchasing a new building easier.


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