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Role of homeowners' associations and tenants' meetings in a residential building (Law in Serbia)
According to the Law on Housing and Building Management, in Serbia, a homeowners' association consists of all apartment owners or tenants in a residential building. Like a company, every building has the status of a legal entity and is registered in the Registry of Homeowners' Associations and has a company name, registration number, taxpayer identification number (PIB) and bank account.
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Key and mandatory elements of Lease Agreement in Serbia
The essential and mandatory elements of a lease agreement for real estate are crucial for establishing clear legal relationships between the lessor and the lessee. In this blog, we will discuss the legal conditions related to real estate leasing.
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Property tax in Serbia - who is required to pay it?
Property tax is imposed on all properties located in the territory of the Republic of Serbia. It is a mandatory annual expense for every property owner and its amount depends on many factors.
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Novi Sad - a treasure trove of new builds: Where are the most apartments being built and purchased?
Novi Sad has become a leader in the Serbian real estate market by selling the most construction land parcels in the past three years, according to the Republic Geodetic Authority. With 2,874 parcels sold, it has even surpassed the capital Belgrade.
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First quarter of 2024: What is the trend in apartment prices and how much do people buy in Serbia?
Apartment prices in Serbia experienced a slight increase, while the real estate market continued its trend of stagnation in the first quarter of 2024.
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New settlement in Trandžament - Novi Sad: 65 buildings and over 2,000 apartments
In close proximity to the Petrovaradin Fortress, in the area of Trandžament, a residential complex is planned to accommodate 5,000 future residents on 10.2 hectares, according to the urban project currently under public review.
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What is down payment for a mortgage and how much does it cost in Serbia?
Buying your own home is one of the most important steps in life, and a mortgage is often a key factor in realizing that dream. If you don't have cash to buy real estate or assets to sell, you're probably considering borrowing from a bank.
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Business premises for rent in Belgrade: prices, locations, and tips for 2024
With the growth of entrepreneurship and a significant influx of foreign residents who have moved their business activities to Belgrade in recent years, rental prices for commercial premises are rising, following the trend of residential real estate. Find out how much it costs to rent a premise monthly in the most sought-after parts of the city. We reveal which locations in the Serbian capital are most suitable for certain activities and how to be sure you are legally protected when renting a premise.
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Transfer of ownership from parents to children - legal procedure in Serbia
Every family has situations when it becomes necessary to change property ownership between family members at some point. Depending on the occasion for the transfer of ownership and whether there are multiple first-degree heirs in the family, the procedure varies. Below, find all possible ways of transferring ownership from experienced real estate agents and be prepared for this life step.
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This pre-war house in Belgrade is worth 5 million euros!
Spanning 1,690 square meters, not far from Slavija Square, lies an impressive house whose foundations date back to the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes. Its history is very interesting and it is under cultural heritage protection, so we decided to bring it out of anonymity.
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Moisture and mold in the apartment: This is how to permanently solve this problem!
Moisture and mold are common problems in residential spaces, whether you live in a new or old building. They are recognizable by a specific musty smell and visible stains on walls, ceilings, and other surfaces. Not only does this problem aesthetically spoil the appearance of your space, but it can also pose a serious health risk. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to permanently solve this problem and create a healthier living environment for yourself and your family.
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Salon apartment - a property whose value does not fade
Despite the growing construction of modern buildings, the demand for old-fashioned salon apartments remains. Such properties have always been highly valued in Belgrade's architecture, and they are also found in larger cities in Vojvodina. Limited supply and their specific characteristics dictate higher square meter prices than "average" ones. Find out why they are so special and which salon apartments are currently available.
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The left Bank of the Danube is getting a new settlement, what will it be called? Between Krnjača and Ovča, our suggestion is Panča!
Belgrade will receive another settlement within its territory, and this time the city is planned to expand within the municipality of Palilula.
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Rental prices are 15% lower than last year! Find out current prices in Belgrade municipalities
A year and a half since the Russo-Ukrainian crisis caused tremors in the real estate market in Serbia, rental prices have largely stabilized, with statistical data showing an average decrease of 15% compared to the same period last year.
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Have you heard about the new settlement in Belgrade - Singidunum?
In the area between the districts of Batajnica and Dobanovci on one side, and Zemun Polje and Altina on the other, the construction of a new settlement with a symbolic name - Singidunum - has been announced, alluding to Belgrade on a smaller scale.


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