New build homes

New build homes
BW Riviera - The premium building of the most modern architecture

The most luxurious residential complex in the Balkans, "Belgrade Waterfront," will soon receive the premium building "BW Riviera," intended for lovers of a glamorous lifestyle in the heart of the Serbian capital. Located in the first row to the Sava River, "BW Riviera" stands side by side with the tallest building in the region, the "Belgrade Tower," due to the most modern architecture and the most exclusive location, which will offer a spectacular view.

New build homes
Soon, a new luxury building in Belgrade Waterfront

The long-awaited building in the most luxurious residential complex in the region, "Belgrade Waterfront," will finally welcome its customers. This premium building will find its place on the bank of the Sava River, with direct access to the Sava Promenade, right next to the Belgrade Tower, the new symbol of the capital. The first row to the river and the beautiful view from the spacious terraces will pleasure hedonists and lovers of luxurious, cosmopolitan life..

New build homes / Legal advice
Basic terms that you should understand if you are buying an apartment in a new building

When buying an apartment in a new building, you need to know the essential documentation you will encounter. This text explains how each document makes purchasing a new building easier.

New build homes
Meet Belgrade Waterfront
You live abroad and would like to buy an apartment in the luxurious new building "Belgrade Waterfront ", not sure which residential building within the complex best suits your needs? Do you favor a view of the Sava River, greenery, or the old city center? Do you want exclusive content, or do you like to observe the capital from a height of 168 meters? All apartments in the Belgrade Waterfront complex are built according to the highest international standards, but there are nuances in each building that distinguish one from the other.
New build homes / Legal advice
How to protect yourself if the investor is late in construction?

The purchase of apartments under construction is widespread today. An increasing number of buyers are deciding to buy an apartment in one of the new buildings. There are many advantages to purchasing this type of real estate, but you must pay attention to the potential risks.

New build homes
EVERYTHING IN ONE PLACE: Peace and comfort for 150 € per month

Friday, 5 p.m. You come back from work, and after a stressful day, all you want is to get home as soon as possible. However, traffic jams in the capital are commonplace. If you live in the old part of Belgrade, columns of vehicles and nervous drivers trumpeting will be waiting for you on the bridges, so you are guaranteed extra stress.

New build homes
Up to 50% lower price per square meter at only 20 minutes from the center of New Belgrade

Prices per square meter are rising, and economic experts estimate that they will continue to be at a high but stable level. In the last year alone, the prices of square meters in Belgrade have increased by 15% for apartments in old buildings and by 30% for apartments in new buildings, according to data from the Republic Geodetic Authority.

New build homes / Advices
How to protect yourself while buying an apartment under construction?

Buying an apartment under construction is a cost-effective solution for those who can wait with moving in and want to save money by paying a lower price per square meter.

New build homes / Apartment Decoration
What do you think about free interior design by an architect?

Looking for a luxury apartment in the center of Belgrade? Do you have a dream of decorating it as you wish and with style? Do you want to move into your new home this year and enjoy its interior?