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Meet the City Expert team from Novi Sad

Good communication and respect are the keys to a successful business

Real estate is what connects us, not only in Belgrade but also in Novi Sad. Exactly half a decade ago, we decided to expand our business to a city that rightly bears the epithet of a multinational and multicultural metropolis in small. This was proved by the City Expert team from Novi Sad, in which, as they say, there is no higher or lower position, but there is a team of people who are there to help their colleagues, be friends, learn from mistakes and cheerfully share successes.

cityexpert Cityexpert / Events in Novi Sad
During 2019, our office in Novi Sad achieved 97% revenue growth!
City Expert, a unique real estate platform, made a giant leap with the opening of the first branch office in Novi Sad, three years ago. To find out more about that adventure, we've talked to the manager of the City Expert office in Novi Sad, Julijana Stojanovic.
cityexpert Cityexpert / Events in Novi Sad
Big changes in the real estate market in Novi Sad! - Rentals Novi Sad

We have good news for all owners of rental apartments in Novi Sad. This was an excellent occasion to talk to Igor Jovic, CEO of City Expert.

cityexpert Events in Novi Sad
It's a time of magic in Novi Sad
If there's one city, which is exciting for a visit at any time of the year, but especially during winter, it's Novi Sad. No, we're not biased, even though we have a lot of reasons to be. In December, Novi Sad turns to a winter fairytale, and that's why it's a must-see place. Take your family or friends and go on a winter adventure!
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Apartment rental prices in Novi Sad
An interesting fact you probably didn't know about City Expert: when we started working in 2015, the first service we offered in Belgrade was property rent and lease.
cityexpert Cityexpert / Events in Novi Sad
Beginning of the renting in Novi Sad: “25% off for the fastest 50”
City Expert, the leading real estate service in the market, has recently introduced RENTAL service in Novi Sad. That is why we launched a great promotion for rental property owners in Novi Sad...
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December in Novi Sad
We're way into the most festive month of the year. December is reserved for celebrations, holidays and vacations. After we make our New Year's resolutions, it's time to relax and enjoy the winter fun. Check out what's hot this December in Novi Sad.
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September in Novi Sad
September begins with festivals and events at the Štrand Beach. We still have a chance to enjoy warm weather, while we slowly prepare for the beginning school, exams and the arrival of golden fall. Find out what's up and about this month in Novi Sad.
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July in Novi Sad
School’s out, days are longer, and the summer is in full bloom. Organizers are performing last checkups for the Exit festival. Soon, the city will be filled with tourists from all over the world. Along with Exit, we will have film and theater festivals, summer season at Štrand beach and many cultural manifestations. Learn more about happenings in July.
cityexpert Events in Novi Sad
A guide to Exit festival

Exit is one of the most popular music festivals in Europe. Each year this festival attracts a few hundred thousand visitors from all over the world. If you are planning to be the part of the greatest festival in this part of Europe, find an apartment in Novi Sad for Exit and prepare for a real adventure.