What Belgrade offers?

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Energoprojekt Sunnyville - your place in the sun

Energoprojekt Sunnyville is a new residential and office complex built in Visnjicka Banja neighborhood, near the Danube coast. The responsible contracting engineer is Energoprojekt, a company whose name stands for quality for 67 years. Sunnyville is an urban complex dedicated to young people, couples, and families that want to enjoy the wonderful view of Danube river. With a total number of 215 apartments, a couple of shops and an underground garage, this complex is designed according to highest planning and architectural standards.

cityexpert Cityexpert / What Belgrade offers?
Apartment for a day, for Valentine’s Day, in magical Belgrade
If you are planning to spend Valentine's Day in Belgrade with the one you love, it certainly is an excellent choice. Belgrade is widely known as a city of entertainment and dynamic nightlife. However, the capital of Serbia can be surprisingly romantic.
cityexpert What Belgrade offers?
New Year’s Eve in Belgrade - best time and perfect accommodation

Have you got tired of ordinary New Year’s Eve celebrations? Would you like to see new sites, meet new people and really enjoy New Year's Eve?