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You can sell, rent-out, purchase or rent real-estate through the City Expert website.


For buyers/tenants
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Service is free
The service includes:
24/7 availability of advanced real-estate presentations
Verified real-estate with proper documentation
Complete and personalized services from licensed sales agents
Counseling regarding prices and managing the transaction negotiations
We inform and guide you through the sales and purchase process from beginning to end
We provide advice and recommendations regarding banks and organize meetings with bank representatives for credit buyers
We provide a complete list of all required documentation necessary to compose the pre-agreement and contract
You have the support of a team of attorneys when composing the purchase and sales pre-agreement and contract
We pass on the documentation to the notary and schedule appointments for contract certification
The sales agent can be present when certifying the contract with the notary
We obtain property listings in your name from the cadastre (of our own expense)


Service is free
The service includes:
24/7 availability of advanced real-estate presentations
Online agent support for all negotiations and offers
Suggesting a model for the lease contract
No extra charge

Frequently asked questions

How is it possible that I can purchase or rent a real-estate without commission fees
Who can I speak to about additional questions regarding the property?
Why do I have to be verified?
Is the information I provide for verification safe?
Can I rent an apartment without signing a contract?

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