New Build Homes in Novi Sad - New Construction Real Estate for Sale

Sale of new build homes in Novi Sad

The demand for new apartments in Novi Sad is also on the rise. In Vojvodina's capital, there is always interest in quality apartments for sale in the wider city center. In addition to purchasing new build apartments for families, typical buyers of apartments in Novi Sad are families of the out of the town students, especially if there are more children in the family. Investing in the purchase of a studio or one-room apartment, especially in the favorite Novi Sad neighborhoods, Liman and Grbavica, is a proven right decision. Novo naselje is highly sought after by families with children because it has facilities and numerous green areas.

New Construction in Novi Sad

Compared to Belgrade, Novi Sad is specific, because there is no free space in the center for the new construction. The new apartments are being built in the areas of Telep and Salajka and over the bridge in Petrovaradin.
According to our data on new buildings under construction in Novi Sad, most of them are small residential buildings, but bigger, residential and business complexes are also being built.