Beginning of the renting in Novi Sad: “25% off for the fastest 50”

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Beginning of the renting in Novi Sad: “25% off for the fastest 50”

Landlords in Novi Sad, we have great news for you!

Everyone is waiting for the New Year and new beginnings, and we want to offer you new beginnings right now. City Expert, the leading real estate service in the market, has recently introduced RENTAL service in Novi Sad. That is why we launched a great promotion for rental property owners in Novi Sad:

Get in touch with us till the end of the year and get “25% off for the fastest 50”

25% off refers to the lowest commission on the market, and you can be one of the 50.

You, as a rental owner, with 25% off, will get the best multimedia apartment presentation (photo, video, 360° view of every room with interactive floor plan) + all information about your property on City Expert website. And that’s not all. You get top digital advertising, expert advice, and lots of prospective tenants (our service is free for them!)

You’ve probably heard of us. We have worked in Belgrade for almost five years and two and a half in Novi Sad, and at the beginning of this year, we opened an office in Ljubljana, Slovenia. City Expert is known for its inventive service that expands the borders of the real estate market, and by great results:

  • We’ve created a multimedia presentation for 18.000 properties.

  • We have rented about 7.000 properties in Belgrade so far. 

  • We advertise around 300 properties monthly.

  • Properties with reasonable price-quality ratio are rented in a matter of minutes.

  • The owners love to work with us because we keep their presentation, and we can advertise it whenever they choose to put it on the market again. 

  • Our website has 250.000 unique visits in one month.

But the ones we’re really proud of are our tenants. They are well informed, thanks to our presentations. City Expert enables you to communicate directly with them via SMS, and our customer service is at your disposal every day.

So, what do you say? Do you want to rent apartment in Novi Sad with our help?

Contact us!

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