Renting with City Expert: owner experience

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Renting with City Expert: owner experience

We are really passionate about customer care, and we love to hear from our users. This time we would like to share conclusions from the City Expert Customer Satisfaction Survey for Rental Property Owners. There are a couple of conditions for successful renting that all the owners pointed out:

The excellent presentation of the apartment

There is nothing wrong with finding tenants on your own or with the help of family and friends, but if you want to rent an apartment quickly and efficiently, you need to hire the professionals. And you need to choose them carefully. When you contact an agency, they will send you an agent who will take photos of your apartment with his phone. The pictures will be more or less successful, and the advertising of your apartment will be standard, aka drowned in a sea of ​​similar, blurry pictured rental ads.

Luckily, there is someone who stands out.

City Expert is the only service that offers professional photo and video recording of your property, with 360° views of every room connected to the interactive floor plan. We offer the best presentation of your property on the City Expert website.

Advertise the apartment in the right place

Most owners prefer to advertise an apartment in as many places as they can. But is that a good idea? There are too many portals and agencies competing with each other to attract profits, and any duplication of ads is proven to be counterproductive. And there is always a question of what kind of attention you will get. If you want to rent an apartment quickly, showing your apartment to half-interested or hesitant tenants is a waste of time.

By choosing the City Expert website, you give your apartment a better chance. The apartment is presented with detailed information, and there is a broad base of potential tenants, because, for them, this service is free.

Communication must be free

City Expert service is designed to maximize results with minimum effort. Potential tenants will send you a request for apartment viewing via SMS, and you will either reply to them confirm or to suggest a new appointment that suits you better. You will probably have fewer viewings, but you can count on interested tenants and direct communication. We think that two people agree faster than three and that conversation is more relaxed if you talk to a potential tenant by yourself.

That does not mean that you are left to do everything by yourself. City Experts licensed agents ready to step in. They are there to answer any questions you may have, to give you advice on renting your apartment, and to help negotiate with tenants.

The apartment must be occupied

When tenants leave, they need to find new ones quickly. Your property can be returned to the City Expert website immediately, with just a few clicks, as all materials about your apartment (the best presentation + all information) are saved and ready to be published. And then, just like the first time, you reach the informed tenants in a short time, with minimal effort.

When you find a formula for successful renting, don’t change it

Our customers who rent apartments through the City Expert website already know the benefits of working with a service that has generated over 7,000 rentals in just four years. With us, real estate is moving fast - and we are working to accelerate it further.

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