Real estate agency Novi Sad - success stories


Real estate agency Novi Sad - success stories

Everyone who loves the real estate world will tell you that there's nothing we love more than helping our buyers to find a perfect home. In City Expert love got us a long way so we changed the way people buy and sell apartments and we save all our users both money and time.

We started City Expert in Novi Sad in 2017. We wanted to help buyers find new apartments, just like we did in Belgrade. Also, we wanted to introduce the new model of real estate agency that saves money. By putting all the information online, we changed the way people look at property ads forever.

First-time apartment buying in Novi Sad

Marko B works in an IT company as a product manager. He found an apartment for sale in Novi Sad on City Expert website after his colleagues recommended the website to him.

"Property hunting online wasn't a big challenge for me. I am used to using Airbnb and similar apps when I travel. So, I had no issues with the online search, filters, and adding favorites. However, I was completely lost when it comes to legal stuff, mortgages, banks, and documentation. I was 32 then and never before had I used the online cadastre and asked around about bank loans. To say that I was utterly lost is an understatement.

Then I started reading a lot about it online and asked all my friends who had already bought an apartment. I also went to my bank, and several others to learn if I can get a mortgage loan. When I learned that I could get a housing loan, I started looking for properties online. On City Expert website, I learned a lot about apartments for sale. I could see right away how a property looks like, how big it is, and how much are the monthly expenses. I found two perfect apartments and for which I scheduled viewings online.

Before I moved to Novi Sad from a smaller apartment in west Serbia, I had a dream to live in a house. However, the reality was different, and my job was in Novi Sad. My plans had changed so from home with a backyard; I decided to buy an apartment in a building with an elevator where my bike can fit. I book two viewings for two apartments, and the second one was a match. It was already bought via a bank loan, so Julijana from City Expert Novi Sad helped me to understand how I can buy an apartment with a mortgage.

City Expert legal team checked the documentation once again, and I signed to contract with the property owner. Honestly, the initial fear I had when I jumped into this process was only the fear of the unknown. The moment I started the process of property hunting, everything was much easier."

How to sell a smaller apartment and buy a bigger one in Novi Sad?

Jelena and her husband Danijel L. started looking for a bigger apartment in Novi Sad. But there was a catch - they wanted to sell their small apartment first to buy a new one. The good thing was that Jelena and Danijel found a bigger apartment to buy on City Expert website. However, the good thing is that both Jelena and Daniel sold a smaller one and found a larger apartment through City Expert.

"We started looking for a bigger apartment because we have two kids and third on the way. The biggest problem was to manage the time. We both work, take care of children and their extracurricular activities (football, dance school, and English lessons). All we had time to do was to sit down or lay back with your phones after the kids are asleep and browse for properties online.

The problem with property ads is that the images are blurry, there is very little information about the property, and it's very hard to schedule a viewing. That's why we were delighted to find an apartment online on City Expert website. We found a perfect place, scheduled viewing, and confirmed live what we saw online. We knew that we found an ideal place, and we were ready to buy it with a bigger down payment and bank housing loan.

However, we ran into a problem. No one was interested in our smaller apartment. City Expert was advertising the apartment on the website, via their digital channels and even on social networks, but no one booked a viewing. After a few days Vesna, a real estate agent from City Expert called us and explained that it's very hard to sell an apartment with such high price and that we need to match the market value. When we lowered the price, interested buyers started to book viewings, and we found a perfect buyer. That's when we realized that the same way we want to save money while buying, we need to be realistic and offer a reasonable price when selling an apartment.

Property prices skyrocketed in the last few years, and the property prices are just not that realistic. That's why City Expert real estate agents told us that every property owner determines the price of the property himself but that they always tell them the real property price."

If you are too looking to buy an apartment in Novi Sad, take a look at our offer on the website. Book a viewing with just one click and together with our agents, realize the entire process. If you want to sell a property and save money on commission, do it via City Expert. In comparison to other real estate agencies, we are more efficient because only already interested buyers come to see the apartment. So, fewer viewings but a better chance that an ideal buyer will show and buy the apartment without much hesitation.