New settlement in Trandžament - Novi Sad: 65 buildings and over 2,000 apartments

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New settlement in Trandžament - Novi Sad: 65 buildings and over 2,000 apartments

In close proximity to the Petrovaradin Fortress, in the area of Trandžament, a residential complex is planned to accommodate 5,000 future residents on 10.2 hectares, according to the urban project currently under public review.

The new urban settlement shifts the city’s activity towards the Srem side of the Danube and brings all the conveniences of a modern residential community. This location is particularly attractive due to its proximity to the Danube and the Petrovaradin Fortress, while city transport lines and Novi Sad's bridges ensure easy access to the rest of the city.

New residential-business complex overlooking the Danube

A new city center is being prepared in Trandžament between Kamenički Put and Dunavska Divizija Street. The plan is to build 65 units, connected with single-story and two-story garages. This will provide over 2,000 parking spaces for the residents of the complex.

Besides residential buildings, commercial spaces are planned on the ground floors towards Kamenički Put, which will open new investment opportunities and various activities in this part of Novi Sad. The inter-block spaces among the building units will be filled with green areas and sports fields, and a preschool for about 300 children is planned, creating a fully urbanized quarter with amenities for all generations.

The complex will be located in an idyllic position - between the future park and the Danube bank. Currently, this area is surrounded by family houses and villas, positioned in a privileged location in the city. It is planned that the apartments in the complex will have views of the city or the river, except for those oriented towards the inner block of the complex. The parcel included in the plan is located in the protected zone of the National Park Fruška Gora, thus a minimum of 20 percent greenery within the entire complex is required.

As Novi Sad has been expanding towards Veternik and Futog for years, this project is the first serious announcement of the city's expansion towards the Srem side of the Danube. This project appears to be promising and beautiful, promising exceptionally comfortable and peaceful living near Petrovaradin.

Who is building?

The complex in Trandžament will be built by the company that bought this land a few years ago - "ILF" DOO from Novi Sad.

Initially, for this area the construction of a park was planned, but after "ILF" bought it, it was re-designated into a city center. The ambitious project is signed by the Design and Engineering Bureau "Lasta projekt".

The first phase of construction includes the formation of 27 building units with as many as 730 apartments and 5 commercial premises. The second phase includes 16 blocks with 519 apartments, the third phase 17 blocks with 564 apartments, and the fourth phase - five more new blocks with 165 residential units. In total, the newly formed settlement will have 1,978 apartments and a housing capacity for nearly 5,000 residents.

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