Basic terms that you should understand if you are buying an apartment in a new building

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Basic terms that you should understand if you are buying an apartment in a new building

When buying an apartment in a new building, you need to know the essential documentation you will encounter. This text explains how each document makes purchasing a new building easier.

Location conditions

The location conditions are a document that precedes the building permit and which determine the possibilities and limitations of construction for a specific location, i.e., the rules for building on a cadastral plot that meets the conditions for a building plot (type and purpose of the building that can be created, location of the building, index of occupation and development of the property) They are issued under the valid planning documents.

Building permit

A building permit is a decision of the competent authority determining that the main project has been prepared by the regulations and conditions that must be met by a construction facility at a specific location and based on which the facility's construction can begin.

An integral part of the documentation for obtaining a building permit is the main project, which is the basis for getting a building permit and represents a set of several different projects (architecture, statics, electricity, water supply and sewerage, and the like).

The building permit ceases to be valid if the works are not started within three years from the date of the decision that issued the building permit, as well as if a use permit is not issued within five years from the date of the decision that gave the building permit—that object.

Confirmation of registration of works

The investor must submit a work report to the authority that issued the building permit before starting the work. Along with the application for jobs, proof of the regulation of obligations in terms of contributions for arranging construction land, a decision on the house number, and so on, is submitted. Immediately after receiving the proper application, the authority that issued the building permit ex officio submits to the authority responsible for state survey and cadastre the legally binding decision on the building permit, a certificate of the application of works, and an extract from the project with graphic attachments and specification of particular parts, to enter a preliminary note building under construction. In the application for works, the investor states the start date and deadline for the construction, i.e., the execution of the results. The competent authority informs the construction inspection about the submitted application. The deadline for the completion of construction starts from the date of submission of the application for works.

Technical inspection of the facility

After the construction of the building and before obtaining the use permit, it is necessary for the building to "pass" a technical inspection, that is, to determine its suitability for use. The technical review of the building is carried out after the completion of all works foreseen by the construction permit and the main project. The technical inspection controls construction, checking whether everything is by the construction permit and technical documentation based on which the building was built, as well as the quality of the materials, equipment, and installations used. Whether or not the facility will receive a use permit depends on whether it "passes" the technical inspection.

Use Permit

After receiving a favorable report on the technical inspection, a use permit is issued. The use permit is the decision of the competent authority determining that the building was built by the construction permit and which approves the use of the completed works. The use permit guarantees that all necessary and mandatory construction rules have been complied with, that the equipment has been checked and is functional, that the facility is connected to the entire infrastructure network and that it has the consent of competent authorities and institutions. It is possible to register the object only after obtaining a use permit. Therefore, without a use permit, it is impossible to note the building and apartments as separate parts of the building.