Buying an apartment in Belgrade

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Buying an apartment in Belgrade

The day has finally come - you are buying an apartment in Belgrade. Before you start with this process make sure that you read our detailed instruction. Buying a property in Belgrade is a huge thing, just like buying an apartment in other cities is, but everyone will tell you that this challenge is a hell of a process. The only thing you need to do is be prepared. Leave everything else to us. We will make this entire process as efficient and straightforward as possible, and you will buy that dream apartment without much hassle.

How to buy an apartment in Belgrade?

You may hear about great listing from your friend, or find out that a neighbor is selling an apartment in your building. Or, you might decide to check local ads to see if there's something you might like. Luckily, the complete offer of City Expert apartments for sale is listed online. And, with the help of the smart search tools, you'll find your ideal apartment in no time.

1. Choose the part of the city

You probably have a favorite part of the town where your special park is located, as well as the elementary school you know your children will attend. Our advice is to always start your search by picking a favorite part of the city. You can choose the entire municipality or a neighborhood. Use the interactive map to see where apartments are located and pick the apartments you like.

City Expert tip: Don't get attached to your office or a popular cafe where you like to hang out. See how well connected that location is to other parts of Belgrade, see if there are enough supermarkets around, and find out where schools, kindergartens, and parks are located. Also, check out if there are enough parking spots around.

2. Set the budget

You probably already have a budget plan for buying an apartment in Belgrade. If you are paying by cash, then you'll be able to get everything done quite quickly. However, given the fact that the majority of new home buyers take mortgage loans, we need to prepare you for that process and tell you straight away that getting the loan might take a whole month. One month is not that long, especially when you think about that you'll use most of that time to prepare documentation and the move.

City Expert tip: You can set the budget on our website and browse only apartments that fit into your budget. Our advice is to set the budget a little bit higher, just to make sure that you won't miss the perfect place. Our agents will lead the negotiation process and help you negotiate the price.

3. Choose the type of apartment

Maybe you had always dreamed of a huge condo overlooking the Belgrade rooftops, or you might only consider an apartment that you can easily rent in the future. Or, maybe you are looking for a family home where you can plan and have a family, so you're only looking for duplex apartments in the broader city center area. You can set up all those parameters in our advanced search.

City Expert tip: No matter how much you would like four or five bedrooms, please consider buying an apartment with a spacious living room. The living room is the most important room in your apartment as you will spend the majority of your free time there; hence it's crucial that you feel comfortable and free there.

4. Imagine an ideal apartment

Use search filters on our website to find unique apartments that you were only dreaming of. Whether you're looking only for spacious lofts or new apartments in recently built residential complexes, or you're just looking for apartments with balconies and garages - you can choose all that on our search page.

City Expert tip: Make sure that you are at least considering an apartment with a parking space, free parking on the premises or a garage. It's better to have a parking space available than to search for a parking space every single day.

5. Take a virtual tour

Once you find an apartment that you love, it's time to take a virtual tour of the property. Check out photos, 360-presentation, and video, and find out all details about the property. Check out the building equipment, see if there is an elevator, security, additional storage space, etc. Find out about monthly expenses and annual tax. After you meet every single detail of the property, it's time to take the next step.

City Expert tip: make sure to study the floor plan. It will help you to really envision yourself in the new apartment.

6. Schedule the property viewing

You schedule all property viewings online, using our automated scheduling system. You choose the date and time, and the system forwards your request to the property owner. After the owner accepts your request, you will get his contact information so you can change the date or time, if the property owner doesn't find it suitable. You will communicate via phone and email.

City Expert tip: take your time and don't rush the entire process. Have all the questions ready and don't hesitate to ask the property owner everything you want.

7. Negotiate!

After you see the apartment, our online agent will contact you so you can make the offer together and plan your budget. Agent leads the entire negotiation process and works for both you, the property owner and your common goal - to successfully seal the deal.

City Expert tip: be open for negotiations! Listen to your agent and keep an open mind. You can rest assured knowing that the agent will do everything to ensure you the best price.

8. Sort out all legal and administrative work

After you buy an apartment, you need to go through a lot of legal and regulatory tasks. With the right team, you can complete all these procedures without much hassle. You need to register as the apartment owner in the national cadastre, to transfer all monthly bills to your name, and to change your address! These are all final steps that you need to take after which the apartment will be ultimately yours. Agents will remind you about VAT remuneration and the tax on the transfer of absolute rights.

City Expert tip: We know that you dread these procedures, but it's better to get over with it now while you're still in the process, then to leave it hanging.