Apartment sale


The most popular apartments for sale in Belgrade are one-bedroom apartments in the city center and two bedroom apartments with a balcony and a parking space. In 2018, studio apartments were the best buy, as well as smaller apartments in construction. In 2019 we can expect similar prices, similar offer but even higher demand for smaller apartments in the city center.

The most popular apartments for sale according to their structure

The most popular apartments for sale are one-bedroom apartments with a balcony in one of the central municipalities of Belgrade. These apartments are favorite among younger buyers, couples and young families. Families with children usually look for two-bedroom apartments in the broader city center and apartments near schools, kindergartens, and parks. Also, studios in the city center are always a popular choice, and they are usually bought as an investment (for rent).

One bedroom apartments for sale

One-bedroom flats are moderately expensive and very popular, as they usually meet the needs of young buyers and families. Buyers usually opt for one-bedroom apartments in new buildings and often buy them while they are still in construction. Younger buyers typically get mortgage loans, but sometimes buy them for cash. Couples who are planning to get married and start a family buy apartments in construction, knowing that they will be ready to move in once the building is complete. Those who purchase apartments through a housing loan will also most likely decide to buy a one-bedroom apartment as the monthly mortgage rate will cost the same (or less) than a monthly rent for the same type of the apartment. Low interest rates considerably affect their decision to buy an apartment and finally have a home of their own. In a one-bedroom apartment, parents will have a separate bedroom, and better chances to quickly sell the place once they decide to get a bigger apartment.

Two-bedroom apartments for sale in Belgrade

When young parents start looking for a bigger family apartment, they usually choose a two-bedroom apartment in the wider city center area of Belgrade. When we say a wider city center area, we mean parts of Belgrade that are well connected with the city center and Novi Beograd and have a structured formation. Family-friendly neighborhoods must have schools, kindergartens, parks, pharmacies, post offices, and banks nearby. Buildings must have their own parking, and if they do not buyers would likely consider buying a garage too. Two-bedroom apartments have a large (master) bedroom and another smaller bedroom for children. They often have two bathrooms or a toilet and a bathroom. If they are located near a park and if they are surrounded by nature they will sell quite quickly once we publish them for sale.

Studios for sale in Belgrade

The most popular location for studio apartments in Belgrade is near faculties and in the city center. They are an excellent investment that will undoubtedly pay off, as students will always look for small apartments for rent near their university. Studios are usually bought at a slightly higher price per square meter. If the studio is new, there's not much to do besides buy it, rent it and pay off the loan. However, with older studio apartments, new owners immediately renovate the entire space, replace the windows and renovate the bathroom. Since it's not a big area, renovation works are not that expensive. Not all studio apartments are bought to be rented to students. Some studios are designed for travelers and corporate sharks who love to stay in luxurious apartments in city hotspots such as Belgrade Waterfront.

Price per square meter

The main factor that determines the cost of a square meter is the location. If the apartment is located in the city center or at the attractive bank of the Sava river, the price will be higher than average. The second factor is the quality of construction, so naturally, the new apartments will be much more expensive than the old apartments. However, this is something worth arguing for, because many buyers question the quality of new constructions. Buyers often hire experts to give them professional advice on whether or not they should buy a new apartment. On the other hand, old apartments in Belgrade stand the test of time. Many buyers decide to buy an old apartment and renovate it to their taste and choose only the best materials and elements for their place.

The price per square meter for apartments in Belgrade in euros:

Stari grad17621885
Savski venac14252649
Novi Beograd12481929

In City Expert, the property owner decides on the price of the property. Of course, we offer free price estimation and always advise our clients to match the real market price. Once the buyer decides to go and see the property, he will book a viewing on our platform, and we will introduce him to the property owner. They will meet in person without our agent present at the location. We encourage our users to negotiate the price, but our professional real estate agents will lead the actual negotiation process. They will try to match the market price and to help property owners sell their properties. Our mission is to mediate the entire process and finalize the deal with happy buyers and satisfied sellers.

Popular locations

The most popular area for buying an apartment is at the bank of the Sava river in Belgrade Waterfront complex. This new part of the city was designed as a contemporary turn on condominiums that will have spa center, swimming pools, gyms, shopping malls and a lot more among their shared facilities. This type of living is becoming more and more popular among buyers. That's why New Belgrade is still the most popular location in Belgrade, with A block and West 65 still being on top. Apartments in these buildings are sold while still in construction, and later resold to interested buyers. Also popular are the Pavillion complexes and flats near the Belgrade arena and Hotel Yugoslavia.

Life in the city center

Dorćol and Vračar will always be the most popular places to buy an apartment in Belgrade. Both new and old apartments are sold here. The older apartments come with the issue of lacking parking space and without the option to buy one. Therefore, buyers usually see if they can rent a garage near their home. Garages are very expensive, but if there's one on sale in Dorćol and Vračar, it will be sold in a jiffy. Because no one wants to spend hours every day looking for a place to park in the center of Belgrade.

Senjak and Dedinje - the perpetual charm of old Belgrade

Apartments in Senjak and Dedinje are the favorite choice of large families with children and everyone who don't mind going everywhere by car (even to the supermarket to get milk). Family apartments are located in large villas and houses and usually have a parking place. Both Dedinje and Senjak are located near parks, and they are an excellent location for kids. The only downside is the lack of cafes, shops and supermarkets and the fact that you can't use public transport here and have to go everywhere by car. But, if you live in such a beautiful part of Belgrade, it's not really a that big of a deal to drive to the city center and have a coffee with friends in your favorite place.

Zvezdara and Voždovac - a family heaven

The most popular part of Zvezdara is the area around City Hospital and Zvezdara Forest. In this area, you can have the best of both worlds - abundant greenery and urban living. Schools, supermarkets, post offices, banks, and restaurants are all nearby. Another popular part of Zvezdara is Mirijevo, where apartments are slightly cheaper and where you can buy a new apartment for a great price. At Voždovac people buy both studios and two-bedroom apartments. The most popular part of Voždovac is Braće Jerković, while the second best is definitely Kumodraž.

Whichever part of town you decide to move into, have in mind that our legal team checks the apartments on our website and you can consider them without worrying about administrative irregularities. We offer brokerage services only for properties that we know that can be sold and bought without any complications.