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Save your time and easily rent or sell your property with the lowest commission on the real estate market. Fulfill the form from our site or call us, and our team will take photos, make a presentation, and the most modern display at 360 ° of the property. Your apartment, house, or business space will be available to thousands of buyers and tenants who search for real estate on our site.

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Don't have enough time to find a good and pleasant place to live? And just when you think you’ve found your dream apartment in real life it doesn’t even look half as nice as in the pictures. We know how you feel, that is the reason why City Expert exists! It's time to forget these unpleasant moments! No more surprises because with our innovative real estate view you will have a complete insight into everything that is important.

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Our experienced team is choosing for you the best real estate located on our website. We are here to save your time and energy.

The first Serbian online real estate agency

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If you like stories, this is the right place for you. Here you can find some useful information about renting, selling or buying real estate. We will reveal some tricks, and give you tips what you should know before renting an apartment, and so many more.
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City Expert gives you the most favorable conditions on the market. We are completely free for buyers and tenants and have the lowest commission on the market. Here you can see our prices.

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Belgrade, the capital of the Republic of Serbia, used to be only one municipality, and today it is consists of 17 municipalities. The diversity of Belgrade is reflected in its city parts because each carries its own story. The largest Belgrade municipality is Palilula (44,661 ha), while the smallest is Vracar (292 ha). Find out how they got its name, how it developed, and what adorns it today.

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