Municipality of New Belgrade

Municipalities of Belgrade

Municipality of New Belgrade

If you cross one of the six Belgrade bridges you will find yourself on the most famous city plain – municipality of New Belgrade. It is the fastest growing city municipality, a corporate centre of Serbia, the greenest municipality and the heart of all the action on the left bank of the Sava river.


Municipality of New Belgrade occupies an area of 4,096 ha, and it has a population of 214,500 inhabitants. It is located where the biggest Balkan river, Sava, crosses paths with the biggest European river –Danube. It has been named New Belgrade since 1952 while the immigration towards this area dates back to the Turkish reign.

City municipality New Belgrade
Boulevard of Mihailo Pupin 167, New Belgrade, 011/3106-700

Service centre for citizen inquiries
Boulevard of Mihailo Pupin 167, New Belgrade, tel: 785 – 0 – 785

Health Centre
Goce Delčeva 30, tel: 2222-100

Post offices in the municipality of New Belgrade

  • Pohorska 2, work hours : 08.00-19.00; 08.00-15.00, phone number:  011/3714-058
  • Boulevard of Mihailo Pupin 16, work hours:  08.00-19.00; 08.00-14.00, phone number: 011/2018-352
  • Boulevard of Art 16/a, work hours :   08.00-19.00; 08.00-14.00, phone number:   011/2142-336
  • Mil. Popovića 9 ,work hours:   08.00-19.00; 08.00-14.00, phone number:   011/2139-753
  • Paris Comune 13,work hours:   08.00-19.00; 08.00-15.00, phone number:   011/2604-897
  • Boulevard of Zoran Đinđić 44, work hours:   08.00-19.00; 07.30-13.30, phone number:   011/2141-574
  • Yuri Gagarin 221, work hours:   08.00-19.00; 08.00-14.00, phone number:   011/6155-659
  • People's heroes 42, work hours:   08.00-19.00; 07.30-13.30, phone number:   011/6139-998
  • Boulevard of  Milutin Milanković 34, work hours:   08.00-19.00; 08.00-14.00 ,phone number: 011/6132-148
  • Dr Ivan Ribar 91, work hours:   08.00-19.00; 08.00-14.00, phone number:   011/3175619
  • Tošin Bunar 155 , work hours:   08.00-19.00; 08.00-14.30, phone number:   011/2692096
  • Gandhi's 21 (Immo centre), work hours:   08.00-19.00; 08.00-14.00, phone number:   011/2289-101
  • Boulevard of Art 4-6 (Mercator), work hours:   09.00-19.00; 09.00-16.00, phone number:   011/3110-900
  • Novi Sad` road nn, work hours:   08.00-19.00; 08.00-15.00, phone number:   011/7129-173


Opština Novi Beograd

At first, New Belgrade was designed as a modern part of the city and the business centre of the country. Because of that, the citizens of New Belgrade for a long time, did not have a lot of artistic places. Lately, that image has been changed. You can visit  the Museum of Modern Art, the historical Archive of Belgrade and the Student centre of culture, the Duško Radović theatre and New Belgrade cultural network. The most recognizable feature of New Belgrade are the long boardwalk near the rivers Sava and Danube, and a high number of green surfaces, the biggest one being Ušće park. River rafts represent a great experience, not only for foreigners but also for Belgraders. If you enjoy cycling then New Belgrade is the part of town that`s meant for you because, unlike the older parts of Belgrade, it has been adapted with cycling tracks. For those who want to see a big sporting event, a concert or visit a conference, Kombank Arena and Sava Centar are essential. One of the positive things about living in New Belgrade is the fact that it is very well connected. The airport, international highways, bus and train stops are very close by.


New Belgrade is connected with the rest of Belgrade with multiple means of public transport. On the territory of New Belgrade, buses numbered 16, 45, 60, 67, 68, 69, 73, 76, 81, 89, 94, 95, 602, 604, 612 and 711 circulate and lead to many areas of other municipalities. Also, buses numbered 15, 17, 18, 27E, 601 and 611 drive through New Belgrade as well.


New Belgrade has 20 elementary and 8 high schools as well as a large number of pre-schools. Faculty of Drama, Higher school of Tourism, Higher Technical school and three private universities are located within the municipality. What New Belgrade is most known for to students is the Student`s City, a series of buildings that make the largest student dorm of the Belgrade University.


The centre of sporting activities is the New Belgrade Sport`s Centre within which there are Sporting Centre "11. April" and the Sporting Hall. Since it`s inception the Sporting Hall has hosted various excellent competitions. It's official name is the Sporting Palace and it, firstly, houses proffesional atheletes and clubs, but it can be used  for recreational purposes, as well. Other than the large hall, users can train in a proffesional gym and play table tennis. The biggest hall in the building houses five thousand people. It has hosted many events. Sporting Centre "11. April" offers a lot of possibilities to recreational athletes. It is the only centre with open pools on the New Belgrade territory.


New Belgrade successfully fullfills the desires of young citizens. It offers a rich night life and modern shopping centres. What were river rafts in the late 80`s, today are famous clubs which offer food and drinks, and at night they become the heart of Belgrade night life. If you read a blog about Belgrade, you will definetely hear about the river clubs. Daily, the people of Belgrade, walk on the boardwalks near the rivers and enjoy drinks and food. Shopping is also one of the biggest reasons why people from other areas go to New Belgrade. Ušće and Delta City are two of the largest shopping malls in Belgrade with a lot of various brands and modern movie theatres. You can get your shopping done in the Pyramid shopping mall and Immo Outlet Centre, as well.

Opština Novi Beograd


  • Population : close to 215,000 inhabitants
  • Average price per m2 for sale: about 1 130 €
  • Average price per m2 for rent: about 7.26 €
  • Schools : 28 ( 20 elementary, 8 high schools)
  • Kindergartens and preschools: 84
  • Health : 7 Health centres ( State has 12 organizational units), 7 hospitals, 8 clinics, 48 practices
  • Parks : 2 parks
  • Shopping centres : 12
  • Parking : free
  • Parking places : A large number of parking places

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