Apartment sale in the center of Belgrade

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If you had decided to buy an apartment in the center of Belgrade learn more about property price, where to find ideal family apartments and how to get a modern apartment in the very heart of Belgrade.

The structure of apartments for sale in the center of Belgrade

The most popular apartments in the center of Belgrade are French style salon apartments. They are not really French, but that is the best word to describe their unique aesthetics. They are rarely available for sale, but when they are, they are sold quite quickly. If you were always dreaming about buying a salon apartment, Belgrade is really the perfect place. These type of flats were built between two world wars. The first half of the 20th century was famous for grand architecture. High ceilings and spacious hallways were mandatory as well as the famous drawing rooms also known as salons. These apartments are an excellent investment as they give you enough space to experiment with the interior, add a dash of modern lifestyle and live in a deluxe apartment in the city center.

Belgrade salon apartment

Salon apartments were designed around the central drawing room that served as a dining room and a meeting room for evening parties. You can find these type of apartments in Dorćol and Vračar, but also in old houses in Senjak and Dedinje. The buyers who would usually go for this type of apartment are couples with joint accounts, who seek old school charm and modern luxury in the center of Belgrade.

The new type of family apartment

One bedroom apartment in the center of Belgrade will always be a good investment, so apartments with this structure sell quite quickly. Studios and one-bedroom apartments are popular with parents who buy apartments for their children who will study in Belgrade. One-bedroom apartments are also popular among young professionals and couples like to cozy up in smaller flats in the center of Belgrade.

Young parents opt for two-bedroom apartments with balconies and a garage. Couples with kids look for places close to schools, kindergartens, and parks. They search for apartments in the city that are well connected with New Belgrade, Banovo brdo or the highway. The best solution for these buyers is a family apartment in the small street in quiet areas. They are right in the city center but tucked away from the city noise.

New apartments in the center of Belgrade

As there are only a few newly built buildings in the center of Belgrade, buyers mainly buy these apartments while they are still in construction. Flats in this type of residential complexes have everything one needs for comfortable living. There are cafes, shops, offices for rent on the ground floor of these buildings. Once the new owners get the keys, all that there is left to do is to move in because everything else is already taken care of.

The price of apartments for sale in the center of Belgrade

The most expensive apartments are located in Vračar. There was a massive expansion of construction sites in this area and the flats near Slavija square and St. Sava Temple cost as much as 3500€ per square meter. The most exclusive apartments are penthouses with a gorgeous view of the city center. Because of the greater surface area, these apartments are somewhat cheaper, so you can buy them at the price of 2500€ per square meter. Old apartments in Vračar are still a popular choice, but they are still quite expensive in comparison with the new ones. The price per square meter for the old apartments ranges from 1500 to 2000€.

Apartments in Dorćol are very popular, and they are rarely offered for sale. The most popular parts of Dorćol are in the lower part where price ranges from 1400 to 1900€ per square meter. Apartments in Strahinjića Bana, Gospodar Jevremova and Jovanova cost from 1500 to 2200€ per m2. Location determines the price, but also the general state of the building. Renovated apartments with new electrical and plumbing installations cost much more than the ones you need to renovate.

When buying old apartments, you have a little more freedom and possibilities to negotiate the price. Owners will often ask for the highest possible price, but the goal is to get to an optimal price that is close to the real market value. Fortunately, you don't need to go through the entire negotiation process yourself. Our online agents are there for you. They are familiar with the type of construction work ahead of you, they know how much time you'll need to renovate the place, and they know the real market price of the similar apartments in that area. Talk to your agent and be open with the property owner. This way, the negotiations will run much smoother, and you will buy an apartment in the center of Belgrade like you always dreamed you'd do.

How to choose an apartment in the center of Belgrade?

The first thing you need to have in mind when buying an apartment in the center of Belgrade is to look for a parking place too. Parking in Belgrade can be a real nightmare, so if you're planning to drive to work make sure that you can have a parking space waiting for you. If there is free parking on the premises, that is a great option, but you should also check if there are garages for sale or parking spots that you can buy with the apartment.

Before you decide to buy an apartment in a particular part of the city, the first thing you should do is go for a walk there and find all the shops and supermarkets nearby. If you have already lived there, then you can start looking for an ideal apartment straight on. Use the location filter on our website or find apartments directly on the map. You can also set a filter for the construction period, e.g., only apartments built between two wars, or after 2001. Set up filters for the type of heating, ceiling height, building equipment and the floor where you want to live. Once you find an apartment, click on the button to schedule a viewing and get ready to step into your new home for the first time.

How to buy an old apartment in the center of Belgrade?

If you decide to buy an older apartment, don't forget to include all the renovation costs. Most property owners will tell you what type of work they had done in the apartment, so can see what needs to be done yet. Make a detailed renovation plan and make sure that you hire an architect. Don't immediately give up on the place just because you don't like it at first sight. Sometimes, all you need is a little bit of imagination and a small apartment can be turned into a comfortable home. Architects know how to make the most of the small space and how to tailor the apartment's functionality.

When buying an apartment via City Expert, you have a significant advantage to see all floor maps, photos, and videos in advance. A professional architect can draft a preliminary renovation plan only based on the material we publish online for each property!

Bear in mind that it will take a couple of months to renovate the apartment. Don't rush with the renovation work and don't buy furniture until the very end. Finish the works and then slowly furnish your apartment until it's perfect.

Whether you decide to buy an apartment for renovation in the center of Belgrade and to restore it entirely or to buy a renovated old-fashioned apartment where you can move in right away, please note that you don't have to go through the entire process alone. We are here to help you make the most important decision of your life.