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City Expert is a modern real estate agency that combines advanced technologies and practical knowledge gained in the traditional world of real estate. As a real estate agency that changed the business model, researched and studied our user needs, today we are the first online real estate agency in Serbia and region.

Why are we the best real estate agency?

We are the first real estate agency that offered users all needed information in advance. Users can find all information about the property on our website, including the year it was built, fixtures and fittings, type of heating and a lot more. Before we started publishing everything online, we only had property ads with supposedly true info, where users had to book a viewing to find out necessary information about the property. Property viewings require a lot of time, and we wanted to create a system where our users will only go and see the property that they know they like.

Along with media presentation that includes photos, video and 360-degree presentation that show every detail of the property, we decided to publish the monthly expenses, maintenance cost and to publish all information about furniture and fittings.

Putting users first
For the first time, a user that is looking for a new apartment has an opportunity to set the search filters and to get the information he needs independently. Before we become the leading real estate agency in Serbia, apartment hunting looked more and less the same. You had to contact the agency, they would recommend a few properties according to your needs, and then you would have to visit all those properties with the agent.

Still, what about unpleasant surprises at the viewings? What about situations where you had to go and see apartments during work hours, only to find that the apartment doesn't have a balcony, which is a huge dealbreaker for you? We wanted to give the control back to users, so we created the website and search system that already have all the information online.
We are happy that others are following our example. Today when the internet changed the way we work, travel, the way we have fun and learn new things, it is natural that it changed the way we are looking for apartments and houses.

Why are we the leading real estate agency?

We have been doing business in Belgrade and Novi Sad for a couple of years now. We have published over 15 000 properties for rent and sale. We managed to build trust with our users and to equally represent everyone's interests. The owners of the properties for rent get a professional media presentation of their apartment and a detailed floor map that will show their property in the best light.

A lot more real estate agencies are following our example by publishing photos and floor maps, and we are beyond happy that we succeeded in our plan to change the real estate market. However, one property page must be free from all misinformation. In addition, there shouldn't be any missing information or blurry photos that hide more than they reveal. That's why we take so much time, energy and resources to make each presentation the best we can.

We always advise property owners to prepare their property for the photoshoot, so we can make a presentation that will help users envision themselves in a new space. Our photographers use professional equipment and try to capture every detail. Thus, it's essential to have the place clean and ready for the commercial photoshoot. It's also important to clean out personal items and to pay special attention to lighting. That way the photographers can capture realistic shots and show our users how the property really looks like.

Speaking or realistic, the presentation in 360 degrees makes it possible to go for a virtual walk through the apartment. That way, users can get a real sense of dimensions and room layout.

What is an ONLINE real estate agency?

Online real estate agency operates just like a traditional real estate agency, with the exception that the entire search process, communication, planning, and scheduling viewings are done more efficiently. With us, you can buy and rent a property, get all needed help during that process and finalize the deal in a very short time.

  • Property search

The entire process of property search takes place on our website. Along with the location, price, and size, users can choose filters for furnishings too. Users can find an apartment, house and office space in their favorite part of Belgrade and Novi Sad, and to only go and see properties that fit their criteria.

In traditional agencies, you had to go and see the property and only then get all this information from your agent. We didn't want our users to waste time on properties that won't fit them, so that's why we included all information in the search process.

  • Virtual property viewings

360-degree view, photographs, and video show the property in the real light. Other information about the type of heating, construction year, renovation date and other important features are also published on the property page.

  • Scheduling property viewings

After finding the right property and checking out the media presentation, the user schedules a viewing online, on our website. The user has an option to choose time and date and to schedule viewing with just one click. To be able to schedule a viewing all users must be registered on our website. The same goes for all property owners. That way we can guarantee to both sides that information we share with them is accurate. All communication is done via our automatic scheduling system. Buyers and tenants will directly meet the owner without our agent present at the viewing. However, our agent will be there to support them every step of the way. Our agents lead the negotiation process and help realize the contract of sale or lease.

The price of our services is lower than in other real estate agencies. Advertising on our website is free, and the commission we charge for successful realization is lower in comparison with other agencies. Along with the quality presentation and efficient service we offer the lowest price on the market.

We genuinely believe that we are the best real estate agency and that we will only get better in time. The valuable experience we gained for these four years of doing business is our pillar for building something new - for building the future of real estate.