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City Expert, the leading real estate service in the market, has recently introduced RENTAL service in Novi Sad. That is why we launched a great promotion for rental property owners in Novi Sad...
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Christmas time is perfect for bringing magic into your living space. After reading this text, maybe you’ll get inspired to decorate even the building entrance, handrails, doors, perhaps some tree in your backyard or in front of your building. The holiday spirit is the best thing you can share with your family, neighbors, colleagues… and the whole world. Why not, it’s that time of the year!
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A common belief in Serbia is that apartment buying is a slow and tiresome process that requires a lot of luck and nerves, and that the new technologies are unsafe. That was the situation we found in the real estate market when we started working as a real estate agency four years ago. Things had to change.

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This time we would like to share our conclusions from the City Expert Customer Satisfaction Survey for Rental Property Owners.
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So, if you're thinking about buying a property, it is crucial to protect yourself from fraud. Don't even think about purchasing an apartment by yourself; it's always better to hire professionals, a real estate agency you trust. They will make your purchase stress-free. But when choosing an agency, you have to be extra careful. Make sure the agency is registered in the Serbian Business Registers Agency because there is another requirement that agencies have to meet so that they can do business.
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On Monday, November 11, we mark World War I Armistice Day. This public holiday has been declared as a non-working day. If you decide to use your free time looking for a new home, with City Expert you can do it.

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There are two types of holidays: traditional ones and the ones that entered our homes thanks to popular culture and media. One of the latter is Halloween or Night of Witches, which most of us have learned about from movies and television series. They are probably the ones to blame for a common misconception that Halloween is an American holiday that has nothing to do with European tradition.
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This year we noticed a significant increase in the number of apartments and houses for sale in Novi Sad.

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Everyone who loves the real estate world will tell you that there's nothing we love more than helping our buyers to find a perfect home.

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Quite a lot of property owners consider renting apartments as a great way to earn passive income. Some even go that far to compare it with saving money in the bank.

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We talked to Igor Jović, CEO of City Expert, the first online real estate agency in this part of Europe. City Expert opened a new office in Ljubljana, under a new brand named Zwelo. Zwelo is an online real estate platform that will change the way people buy and sell apartments in Ljubljana.
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We all dream that one day we will find an amazing apartment that we will instantly love. The truth is that there is no such thing as a perfect apartment.

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Mladen Đukić, the product designer in City Expert, talks about the future of design and UX and how we are going to live in smart homes.
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Aleksandra Đ. Andrejić, a lawyer, writes about the sale of unpermitted properties. As a part of a new strategy, the state tried to ban the sale of illegally built properties to motivate the property owners to submit all necessary documentation so that they could complete the legal process.

Miloš Mitić, Head of Operations in City Expert, guides you through the process of buying (or selling) an apartment.


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