Finding the perfect family home - Five key factors!

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Finding the perfect family home - Five key factors!

One of the most crucial decisions for any family is choosing a place to live. In their future home, family members will spend the majority of their time, creating countless memories, which makes a thoughtful decision of utmost importance.

Whether you are in the process of buying or renting a residential space, the needs of families living in cities are specific. Let's look at the most important factors to consider when searching for your perfect home.

1. Type of property

Type of property

One of the initial dilemmas can be - apartment or house? This decision will certainly be influenced by market prices, the available options in the chosen neighborhood, personal preferences, and habits.

While many people initially dream of spacious houses and beautiful yards that would serve as private playgrounds for children, considering the situation in Serbian cities, the majority of families live in apartments due to lower costs, sustainability, and a broader range of choices.

2. Size and layout of the apartment

The obvious starting point is: how much space do you need? For families with multiple members, the number of bedrooms is crucial. The utilization of space is more important than the square footage, and properties with more rooms are preferable despite a smaller total area. On the other hand, every family with children needs enough space in the apartment for children's furniture, play, relaxation, and privacy. If a family is looking for an affordable apartment, statistics show that, in most cases, they will "sacrifice" a more desirable location for more space in the apartment.

3. Environment

When students, couples, or roommates move in, they tend to look for apartments in the center of city life. However, when it comes to families with children, a neighborhood on the outskirts of the city may be a better choice if the environment, or micro-location, is suitable. It is important for all families to live in a neighborhood that is safe, close to educational and healthcare institutions, as well as stores offering everything necessary for daily life. Additionally, if there is an option, a home near parks, forests, or rivers can significantly enhance leisure time.

Taking all of this into consideration, we would highlight the real estate offerings in two municipalities in Belgrade that provide all of these features, and it's not in the city center: Zemun and Banovo Brdo.

4. Proximity to work and closest people

Depending on the lifestyle and type of work parents have, it is ideal to find an apartment that is at a comfortable distance from locations regularly visited - workplace, daycare or school, and the addresses of the closest people. Numerous studies have shown that living close to family and friends is crucial for a sense of happiness and security, which makes sense considering that people have lived in large communities since ancient times.

5. Functionality of space

Functionality of space

If you are buying an apartment, you will largely be able to influence the functionality of the space. Ideas like installing partition walls can create new rooms, separate the workspace from the dining area - it's all up to your creativity and needs.

If you are renting residential space, aspects such as the equipped kitchen, bathroom facilities, and the layout of rooms can be top priorities. Does the apartment have well-placed heating units and air conditioning? Does enough natural light reach the space? Is there parking or a garage near the building? Can the apartment be adequately adapted and renovated if needed?

These and similar questions should be kept in mind when searching for a space that will become your family nest.

We hope these guidelines will help you think about the choice of your future home in the best way and come to the optimal solution for your family. If you are considering buying or renting real estate in Belgrade, Novi Sad, or Niš, explore the wide range on our website!

Ana Dajević
Ana Dajević
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