How to rent an apartment in Belgrade or Novi Sad?


How to rent an apartment in Belgrade or Novi Sad?

With life slowly returning to normal, we hope the uncertainty we have lived for more than two months is behind us. But every crisis, no matter how unpleasant, is an opportunity to learn something new. This crisis shed light on a topic we're very interested in: the most efficient and safest way to rent an apartment. So, here is what we've learned so far: 

1. Search the net first

The pandemic restricted movement and directed us to the only safe place for communication, learning, and information. Businesses, meetings, and socializing have moved online, and so has the search for an apartment.

Online search is free in every sense

Online search gives you the freedom to search for a apartment rental no matter where you are, and gifts you the time you would spend on printed ads and phone calls. It allows you to search for apartments 24 hours a day, seven days a week - when it suits you.

Find the best apartment presentation

Most specialized property websites advertise apartments with photographs done mostly by a mobile phone, so the photos are of poor or questionable quality. In the ideal case, the presentation of the apartment is professional. There are photographs of all rooms from different angles; there is a video walkthrough of the apartment and a mandatory floor plan. Even better, there is detailed information about monthly expenses, equipment, type of heating, as well as information on the building in which it is located. Only then can you get the whole picture of the apartment, schedule a visit, or move on.

2. If you need help, try something new

The coronavirus has taught us to choose society carefully, to keep our distance, and to limit social contacts. This recommendation still applies to everyday behavior, while there is the slightest suspicion that the virus is present. If you do not want to search for an apartment yourself, you must seek professional help.

Traditional agencies use intermediaries

Traditional real estate rental agencies work conventionally, with an agent physically present when visiting the rental apartment. If you are looking for an apartment for rent in the traditional way, you will have to visit potential flats in the company, and according to the suggestions of the agent of the agency you hired. Two is a company, three is a crowd, even in a real estate business.

An online agency that offers direct contact with an owner

Do you know that you can find an apartment for rent through a unique online real estate agency and communicate directly with the owner, one on one, with the support of an online agent for negotiations and bidding over the phone? Don't worry, your interests will be protected, and you will also receive help in drafting a lease agreement.

Social distance in the world of renting has existed and functioned for years, without compromising the quality of renting. See how it works here.

3. Do you know that there is a commission-free renting service for you?

Why would you pay a commission if you don't have to? While most real estate agencies take a commission from both sides, we have created a business model that does not charge a commission to the tenant. When you find an apartment on our website, you will surely appreciate the information that our service, including the best presentation of the property and direct contact with the owner, is free for every tenant.

4. Are you looking for an apartment that accepts pets and has a jacuzzi or an apartment for a student?

There are currently over 850 apartments for rent in Belgrade and properties for rent in Novi Sad listed on City Expert website, and new properties are added every day.

The ever-increasing offer of apartments for rent has led to an increase in the quality of the offered properties. But how to find a needle in a haystack?

Advanced search saves time

Your search engine will find apartments for rent. Still, you will probably be disappointed when you start visiting property websites and browsing through the photos, and when you see that information about the apartment is incomplete and disorganized. If the apartment has pictures, there is no complete information about the type of heating, etc.

Something like that can't happen on our site. All rental apartments are presented with the best presentation, with all available information. Our advanced search will be a valuable help in your search. With the filters, you can select all the details of the apartment you want to find. Cross the parameters "part of the city," "pets, dog cat," "jacuzzi," "electric heating," "garage" or any other that means to you, such as "price 350 euros", "second floor," "has a washing machine" And you'll find a perfect place quickly. 

Saved search works for you

This option allows you to search for an apartment for rent while doing other things. As a registered user of our site, you can easily save all the filters you have set (option "Save filters" located in the upper right corner) to receive an email when the property that matches them appears in our offer. Of course, the "Save filters" functionality is free of charge.

The time is right. You have all the tools on the City Expert site: the best property presentations, all the information, advanced search, and complete service without commission. We wish you good luck in your search for a new living or business space!

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