Quality new construction
in Novi Sad
Residential building at Mise Dimitrijevica street, Novi Sad
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New construction Novi Sad - residential complex at Mise Dimitrijevica street


Comfort and quality living in the heart of Grbavica

A relatively young company in the market, Vetem D.O.O. employs experts with years of experience in construction and begins construction on the residential building at 29 Mise Dimitrijevica street in Novi Sad. With this project, they aim to present themselves to the buyers as an investor that prioritizes comfort and quality of living. As a way of fulfilling the wishes and needs of future buyers, the investor selected the center of Grbavica as the location for their first project in Novi Sad.

1.500 m²
residential surface
gas heating

Only ONE apartment is still available

The quality put into every detail is evident. This is confirmed by the fact that mostof the apartments in this new construction have already been sold. Only 1 apartment is still available in the offer. Heating is gas-powered and every apartment has their own counter - Calorimeter - which you can use to precisely measure your heat energy consumption. The building will have an intercom with video surveillance, an elevator and the investor also provides a 10 year warranty on the roof and three year warranty on joinery. In addition to quality and comfort, the new residential complex will be constructed in the new part of Grbavica, in an attractive location that’s well connected to all parts of the city and features a lot of content so you can find everything you need for life nearby.

 2.045 €/m² + VAT*

*depending on the payment dynamics

*with the option of VAT returns for those buying their first apartment

Construction completion date: end of 2022

20 parking spots in the basement + 4 garages

Basement 12.000 € sa with VAT (11 - 20 m²)

Garages in the yard 18.000 € with VAT

Covered basement garage - 15 m²

For all information, call the City Expert sales team!  021 3 400 400

  • New construction Novi Sad - residential complex at 29 Mise Dimitrijevica street

Quality you’ll remember!

In order to carve their name in the real-estate market and be remembered for all future projects, the investor has put effort and quality into every detail.

  • Demit facade
  • Ceramics 1st class
  • Parquet oak floors
  • Joinery - aluminium produced by Elvial in antracit paint
  • Fittings - from the German manufacturer Winkhouse

In the heart of Grbavica for an easier and nicer living

The new residential complex is situated in an attractive location in Novi Sad, featuring all and any content you might need for comfortable living. Some of the locations near the building include:

  • Faculties and Student boarding house “23 oktobar” - 15 min on foot
  • Junior school “Sonja Marinkovic” - 2 min on foot
  • Center of the city - 15 min on foot
  • Limanska marketplace - 5 min on foot
  • Cafes, restaurant and children’s playhouses nearby


67.05 m²


Apartment 21
Apartment 21


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