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New Construction in Banovci

Stari Banovci, a quiet, family place just 20 minutes from Belgrade, has become increasingly attractive to companies, families, and individuals who want to buy their apartments and live a peaceful life along the Danube. Investors increasingly recognize the potential offered by this location, which is shown by a large number of new projects in each quarter. The most expensive square in Novi Banovci is up to 1,500 euros, which is twice less than the prices of square meters in the municipality of New Belgrade and the area around Belgrade's "Stark Arena," which is only a 20-minute easy drive away.

Sale of new build homes in Banovci

Novi and Stari Banovci are a destination that is increasingly attractive to many large companies, which is why more than 4,000 workers come from Belgrade daily. The E-75 highway connects Banovci with Belgrade and Novi Sad. Many intercity lines that run every 15 minutes enable unhindered movement of locals and students to Belgrade and back.