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Apartments for sale Sopot

The municipality of Sopot is located south of Belgrade and is one of the popular picnic areas near Belgrade. It is located only 50 km from the center of Belgrade, near the mountain Kosmaj with an altitude of 626 m and preserved nature. It is well connected with Belgrade and the rest of Serbia, so it has been considered a favorite place for a weekend or moving and living outside of Belgrade for a long time. In locations such as Nemenikuće and Trešnja, there is a large selection of family houses with a garden for sale.

New building Sopot

The proximity of Belgrade on the one hand, and the mountainous nature on the other are the reasons why many buyers are interested in apartments and houses in new construction in Sopot and its surroundings. The first residential condominium with houses "Kosmajski vrtovi" is already being built in Nemenikuće, which brings a completely new concept of life to the real estate market of Serbia.