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New-construction Prokuplje - the residential-business complex in Vasilija Djurovica street “Zarkog”
from 675 €/m²
29 - 104 m²
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New building in Prokuplje

Welcome to Prokuplje, the seat of the Toplica district in the south of Serbia. The city was named after the church of St. Procopius, which is the oldest preserved church on the territory of today's Serbia after Peter's Church, built at the beginning of the 10th century.

Prokuplje and Toplica district are known for their fertile soil, ideal altitude, mineral wealth and richness of thermal and mineral springs, so many lovers of nature, clean air and beautiful views decide to live in this city. One of the most famous spas for treatment, rest and rehabilitation, Prolom spa is located only 50 km from Prokuplje, and only half an hour's drive away is Niš, the largest city in southern Serbia.

Apartments for sale Prokuplje

The demand for new construction in Prokuplje is similar to the demand in the rest of Serbia. There is a clear line of growth in demand caused by increasingly affordable housing loans. The statistical data of the Republic Bureau of Statistics show that the price of a square meter in this municipality has increased in line with the growth in demand. Here we are talking about a growth of 20%. The average price last year was around 500 €/m².