The day we celebrate women

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The day we celebrate women

March 8th, International Women's Day is on Sunday. The majority of women in Serbia will get a token of appreciation, flowers, or gifts from family members, some of them from the company they work for. We celebrate women only on that day, although they deserve to be celebrated all year long, because of all they represent and do for their families, companies, and society in general.


International Women's Day was announced 110 years ago in the first International Socialist Women's Conference in Copenhagen. The worldwide women's rights movement started from American and England's suffragettes that were the first to demand equal rights and the right to vote.

In Serbia, women workers 106 years ago announced Women's day. They called it “Revolution day,” and they had the same demands as the Copenhagen conference. Their demands were met 32 years later in a postwar Yugoslav Constitution in 1946.


…are always welcome. Our company believes that women and men are equal and that they deserve the same opportunities. We always try to see things from a different angle and to find better solutions. And we hope that the others are going to follow our example.

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