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How to protect yourself while buying an apartment under construction?

Buying an apartment under construction is a cost-effective solution for those who can wait with moving in and want to save money by paying a lower price per square meter.

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Instructions for a contactless apartment viewing
You have just received a text message confirming the date and time of the scheduled video call. The next step is to agree on the video calling application you will use.
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Life in the state of emergency - Let’s clean
The best thing we can do both for ourselves and for the people around us is to follow the official institutions’ recommendations and to be inside this spring. And while we are there, we should all try to use the spare time to do something useful: tidying up our living space can be a good idea. By doing that, maybe we can put the other things in our lives in order.
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What sets us apart from all other real estate agencies in Novi Sad

It's been a few years now that the demand for new apartments in Novi Sad keeps on growing. There are a lot of buyers, but not many quality apartments.

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Apartments in the city center are always the most popular choice. An apartment in the center of Belgrade is a popular choice for buyers of all ages. Whether they are looking for a modern place in the city center or a smaller studio they can rent, buyers seek quality apartments and want to negotiate the price. Check out the current offer of apartments for sale and see what trending.
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Why we don't charge commission to tenants

It's been a few years now since City Expert started its mission - to enable tenants to find a new home without paying commission. We know that renting an apartment isn't easy we also know that good real estate agency needs to offer you support and assistance. That's why City Expert real estate agency doesn't charge the commission to tenants. They already have a lot on their plate, and that's why we offer a complete service for free. You must be wondering, how come we don't charge a commission when listing a property online costs money and when the agency has to have some profit? Find out how!

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Top 5 things you didn't know about City Expert
You probably wondered what is like to work in an online real estate agency, how can we sell and rent apartments without commission and how did we manage to become an IT real estate agency. Find out everything you wanted to know about City Expert!
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Buying an apartment in Belgrade

The day has finally come - you are buying an apartment in Belgrade. Before you start with this process make sure that you read our detailed instruction. Buying a property in Belgrade is a huge thing, just like buying an apartment in other cities is, but everyone will tell you that this challenge is a hell of a process. The only thing you need to do is be prepared. Leave everything else to us. We will make this entire process as efficient and straightforward as possible, and you will buy that dream apartment without much hassle.

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We witnessed a great expansion of construction sites and new residential buildings in the last couple of years. This phenomenon is directly related to the fact that more and more people move to Novi Sad to work and study and that they need to buy a place to live. When it comes to buying an apartment in Novi Sad, the most popular choice are small apartments in good, high-quality buildings.
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We talked to Darko Luković, CPO of City Expert, about what it takes to come up with a perfect idea for a start-up, what it takes to succeed and how to never give up.
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The most popular apartments for sale in Belgrade are one-bedroom apartments in the city center and two bedroom apartments with a balcony and a parking space. In 2018, studio apartments were the best buy, as well as smaller apartments in construction. In 2019 we can expect similar prices, similar offer but even higher demand for smaller apartments in the city center.

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The best real estate agency in Novi Sad
After two years of continuous work in Novi Sad, we managed to offer the lowest commission on the market, the best way to search for properties and the most efficient system of booking property viewings. Now we can proudly say that we are the best real estate agency in Novi Sad.
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Fast, reliable and now officially the best real estate agency!
City Expert won in the category of the best online service in the field of real estate at the great competition "The 50 best online things" organized by PC Press. It's an honor to be recognized as the best in this category, and we are very grateful that PC Press acknowledges the importance of digitalization. The biggest thanks goes to our users and fans who have been supporting us since day one.
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Property sale process
In City Expert, property sale starts online, ends with the signing of contracts and lasts shorter than in any other agency. Our online business model allows us to save time and spend it more efficiently. Before we advertise a property for sale, we check the owner's documentation, prepare our team for photoshoots and wind every gear in our comprehensive system.
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Milan Todorovic

We had a chance to talk to Milan Todorović, a CEO of City Expert about significant changes in the world of real estate.