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The question we hear a lot lately is, "Should I sell the apartment now or wait?". During the state of emergency, everybody was speculating the changes in the prices on the real estate market. Based on our knowledge, the price per square meter of sale properties in Serbia has not changed compared to the situation before the coronavirus, and there are no indications that it will change soon.
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Can I buy an apartment during the state of emergency?
With our help, it's not impossible. Even during the state of emergency, City Expert, the first online Serbian real estate agency, is working in regular business hours, and our website is available 24/7.
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TOP 5 apartments for sale in Novi Sad that you must see

So, you want to buy a perfect family apartment in Novi Sad? Take a look at the flats that City Expert office in Novi Sad recommends. This week's countdown begins...

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During 2019, our office in Novi Sad achieved 97% revenue growth!
City Expert, a unique real estate platform, made a giant leap with the opening of the first branch office in Novi Sad, three years ago. To find out more about that adventure, we've talked to the manager of the City Expert office in Novi Sad, Julijana Stojanovic.
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Chinese New Year - Time for new beginnings

Celebrating is not over yet - Chinese New Year began on Saturday, January 25th. If you’re from the Western world, you celebrate New year eve a couple of hours before the New Years' countdown and a couple of hours after.

Cityexpert / Events in Novi Sad
Big changes in the real estate market in Novi Sad! - Rentals Novi Sad

We have good news for all owners of rental apartments in Novi Sad. This was an excellent occasion to talk to Igor Jovic, CEO of City Expert.

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Everyone who loves the real estate world will tell you that there's nothing we love more than helping our buyers to find a perfect home.


Studios are the most popular type of apartments in Novi Sad, and the most popular locations are Nova Detelinara and Bulevar Oslobođenja. There are a lot of new apartments for sale, but there are still more buyers than there are apartments for sale. If you wish to buy an apartment in Novi Sad, now is the right time. Here are five things you need to know before you decide to buy an apartment.

What sets us apart from all other real estate agencies in Novi Sad

It's been a few years now that the demand for new apartments in Novi Sad keeps on growing. There are a lot of buyers, but not many quality apartments.