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Top 5 mountains in Serbia that are increasingly popular

Kopaonik, Zlatibor, Tara, and Stara Planina are some of the most famous mountains for vacations in Serbia that everyone has heard of. Whether it's about the rich tourist offer, natural beauty, rich flora, and fauna, or because of the groomed ski slopes, some mountains follow these mountains with their beauty and, for some reason, are in the background. In this text, you will learn about the mountains we think should be visited and why you should have their names in your travel planner.

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Basic terms that you should understand if you are buying an apartment in a new building

When buying an apartment in a new building, you need to know the essential documentation you will encounter. This text explains how each document makes purchasing a new building easier.

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5 ways to rent out your apartment at a higher price
There are several ways to increase the rental value of your real estate. But there’s no need to worry, because this doesn’t always involve expensive investments in renovations and furniture. This article will discuss smart investments and ideas that can make a big difference for your private budget when it comes to the monthly rent. Here are five ways you can increase your rent value without too much investment.
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The most wanted apartments for sale in Belgrade in June 2020

If you want to buy an apartment in Belgrade, take a look at these five apartments for sale from the City Expert website. They have attracted the most attention of our customers for many reasons, primarily because of the location and price-quality ratio.

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Keep the applause going - support for medical workers

In early May, City Expert joined many socially responsible companies in Serbia in supporting medical workers who were at the forefront of the battle with the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Keep the applause going! Support for medical workers!
The pandemic of the COVID-19 virus has caused a significant blow to our society and the country's economy. As a socially responsible company, we decided to take an active role and to support those at the forefront of the battle.
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Top 5 two-room apartments for rent in Belgrade this week

If you want to rent a move-in ready apartment on a great location in Belgrade, take a look at City Experts top list. We know that the final decision is always influenced by monthly expenses, so we highlighted them for you

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Five reasons to switch from short-term to long-term renting

Short-term rentals become increasingly popular in the real estate market in the last ten years, thanks to portals such as "Airbnb" and "," as well as the changes in tourist beh

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Top 5 apartments for sale in Belgrade this week

Imamo dobar razlog da nastavimo da vam predstavljamo probrane stanove iz ponude stanova na prodaju u Beogradu. Ako tražite stan za kupovinu, sigurno će vam značiti  informacija da čak i za vreme vanrednog stanja možete da postanete vlasnik nekretnine.

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Great offer: Special price for a new-build home
Spring is an all-time favorite season for apartment buying. This spring is maybe more challenging than usual, but you already know that you can count on us to give you some fresh ideas. So, here it is: buy a new-build home at a special price this April.
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Top 7 extraordinary apartments for rent in Belgrade

Vanredno stanje zahteva izvanredne sadržaje. Preporučujemo vam da odmorite oči na slikama lepih nekretnina za izdavanje u Beogradu koje smo odabrali za vas ove nedelje.

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Special edition: Recommendations for City Expert service users
As you know, yesterday, the Government of the Republic of Serbia proclaimed a state of emergency in Serbia, to limit the spread of the viral infection. City Expert, as a socially responsible company, started implementing measures last week to protect the health of all employees, as well as the health of all users of our service.
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Renting with City Expert: owner experience
This time we would like to share our conclusions from the City Expert Customer Satisfaction Survey for Rental Property Owners.
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So you have decided to sell your apartment. You want to find an ideal buyer as soon as possible. You are fully prepared to sell, and now it's time to find a reliable real estate agency that can help you list your property. What's the next step? Do you know how you can make this process much more manageable? Do you know how to estimate the price of the apartment? For four years of being the most innovative real estate agency in Belgrade and Novi Sad, we sold a lot of flats and helped so many property owners save their time and nerves in the process of sale. Now we are going to help you too. This is what you need to know to offer an apartment for sale.

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Buying an apartment in Belgrade

The day has finally come - you are buying an apartment in Belgrade. Before you start with this process make sure that you read our detailed instruction. Buying a property in Belgrade is a huge thing, just like buying an apartment in other cities is, but everyone will tell you that this challenge is a hell of a process. The only thing you need to do is be prepared. Leave everything else to us. We will make this entire process as efficient and straightforward as possible, and you will buy that dream apartment without much hassle.