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Keep the applause going - support for medical workers

In early May, City Expert joined many socially responsible companies in Serbia in supporting medical workers who were at the forefront of the battle with the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Long term solution for short term renting problem
The news that Airbnb, the most popular platform for short-term rentals, laid off 1,900 people, a quarter of the total number of employees, stunned the world.
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Keep the applause going! Support for medical workers!
The pandemic of the COVID-19 virus has caused a significant blow to our society and the country's economy. As a socially responsible company, we decided to take an active role and to support those at the forefront of the battle.
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Top 5 two-room apartments for rent in Belgrade this week

If you want to rent a move-in ready apartment on a great location in Belgrade, take a look at City Experts top list. We know that the final decision is always influenced by monthly expenses, so we highlighted them for you

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Five reasons to switch from short-term to long-term renting

Short-term rentals become increasingly popular in the real estate market in the last ten years, thanks to portals such as "Airbnb" and "," as well as the changes in tourist beh

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Life in the state of emergency - Part one
The state of emergency was declared a little over ten days ago. It affected us all; we all had to change our regular routines and adapt to safety measures, which include movement restrictions, apartment confinement, remote work, homeschooling, and the worst of them all, social distancing. We hope you've already found the ways to organize your day, but if you need some inspiration, here are City Expert's tips for keeping the spirit high during the state of emergency.
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Top 5 apartments for rent in Novi Sad - take a quick tour!

Are you looking for an apartment for rent in Novi Sad? Take a look at the prettiest of them all in this week's City Expert's offer.

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How to rent your apartment during the state of emergency
When the times are difficult, we must do everything in our power to adjust and to bring out the best from the situation and ourselves. City Expert is here for all of you who are property owners, renting apartments in Belgrade or Novi Sad.
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Frequently asked questions from City Expert inbox
City Expert website saves a lot of time during the search for the perfect apartment and answers all the questions about the apartments by providing the most detailed apartment info. To save your time once more, in our transparent style, we decided to answer the questions we find in our inbox daily. So, ladies and gentlemen, here are the top 5 all-time favorites:
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9 things that make you a good neighbour
Even when you have a stress-free experience of finding and buying your perfect home, with the help of the advanced City Expert search and our sales agents, having to move to a new place is a different story. You’ll probably feel stressed out because starting a life in a new building seems like the first day in a new school. Or in a new job, with all those new faces around.
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How much can you earn by renting an apartment in Novi Sad?
Over the years, Novi Sad has gotten more popular as a place to live, both temporary and for good. Besides a significant number of students who rent apartments, there is one more factor that contributes to this trend – growing business, especially the IT sector. So, renting in Novi Sad can be a lucrative business, but only if you know how to do it.
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Who's afraid of the thirteen? Friday the 13th
Today is Friday the 13th, the second time this year. We assume you are not among the lucky ones who can stay in bed today, avoiding bad luck from happening. If you are not superstitious or have too much work to do, you may not have noticed today's date.
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Apartment rental prices in Novi Sad
An interesting fact you probably didn't know about City Expert: when we started working in 2015, the first service we offered in Belgrade was property rent and lease.