City Expert is officially the best prop-tech startup in Serbia

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City Expert is officially the best prop-tech startup in Serbia

We are proud and happy to announce that we won in the category for the best prop-tech startup in the first round of this year's Central European Startup Awards. As always, the biggest thanks goes to our fans and users. Without you, we wouldn't come this far and thanks to you we are going even further. Vote for us in the second round and help us win at the regional level.

Central European Startup Awards is the largest regional no pitch startup festival that promotes entrepreneurship and startup culture for four years in a row now. This festival, along with competitions and mentorships, supports new technologies that are reshaping the business culture as we know it. In 2018, there were 3700 nominees, and we are truly humbled by the fact that we won in our category.

Prop-tech as a new wave of real estate business

Prop-tech is short for property and technology and is used to describe a new model of digital real estate agencies. Real estate companies use technology to overcome physical and logical obstacles. Thanks to the innovative solutions, digital agencies often make real breakthroughs in the market causing disruptions in the real estate industry worldwide. Along with creative solutions, prop-tech companies offer better availability and lower rates for the same job (as traditional real estate agencies do). After three years of working as a traditional agency City Expert became the first prop-tech startup or online real estate agency in Serbia. As an agency that favored technology from the very beginning, this transition felt very natural to us. We use digital technology to reduce costs and to offer our users faster service. That's why we can offer property owners the best sales and lease terms in the country.

New trend, old and new market

Like with every other trend, it takes some time for users to embrace the change. What was surprising (in a good way) is the positive feedback that we keep on getting from our users. And not just them! The fact that we were recognized from the CESA proves that everyone is ready for such a significant change in the real estate market. Participating in these type of competitions shows us that we are heading in the right direction and that our users are getting access to the right kind of service.

Along with buying and renting properties that set us apart from the competition years ago, we continued to work on same old features that we know our users love. We improved and redesigned our website, which is by far one of the most recognized features of our company. We introduced new features that save time, and we eliminated unnecessary steps that not only restricted our capabilities, they also played a notable part in how we formed our prices. Now, we are the fastest and most affordable real estate agency in Serbia, and our next goal is to be the best agency in the region. Vote for us on the CESA website while we continue to do what we do best - bringing in innovations that will transform the real estate industry in Serbia, and the whole of our region.