Property sale process


Property sale process

In City Expert, property sale starts online, ends with the signing of contracts and lasts shorter than in any other agency. Our online business model allows us to save time and spend it more efficiently. Before we advertise a property for sale, we check the owner's documentation, prepare our team for photoshoots and wind every gear in our comprehensive system.

Supply for properties for sale

There are a few factors that lead to a massive expansion of construction sites in Belgrade and Novi Sad. The first significant factor is the high demand for new apartments, so investors count on earnings from sold flats, which are quite often sold while still in construction. Also, the process of obtaining the building approval certificates is much quicker now.

Location determines the price
In Belgrade and Novi Sad construction sites are everywhere - in the city center and the suburbs. Location was once the decision breaker, but now buyers are willing to compromise location for getting everything they want in a new building. However, this is an exemption to the rule, and it's only valid for high-quality buildings. There are construction companies that are well known for their superior quality of construction and buyers that want an apartment in their building follow their work. Location comes second then, but only if the new building is located in a part of town that is well connected with the city center. There are rare occasions where buyers can find a new building of superior quality that is also located in the very city center. This is the case with Belgrade Waterfront buildings that offer the best view in town.

Condominiums as the buyers' first choice
Today, the most popular type of residential buildings are condominiums - buildings that have additional objects like parks, playgrounds and sometimes even swimming pools. Along with that, condominiums are designed to offer peace and quiet in the middle of city buzz. The condominium is not the same as the residential complex as its focus is on shared activities and common space. These buildings have parking lots, video surveillance, spa centers, shops, cafes and restaurants, and all that inside their complex.

Along with investors and their representatives, real estate agents also recommend buying apartments in new buildings, especially to young and busy couples who don't have time or money for renovations and who have the right to VAT reimbursement. Buying an apartment in a new building means that buyers can move in straight away and easily furnish their new home. Sometimes though, buyers insist on buying older apartments.

Demand for properties for sale

On top of looking for new apartments for sale, buyers in Belgrade and Novi Sad look for older apartments in the city center. As some municipalities, like Stari grad, have limited construction possibilities, the demand for older apartments is much higher. When it comes to studios and one-bedroom apartments or two-bedroom apartments near schools, the demand is much higher than the supply. This is the case with Stari grad, Vračar and Savski venac.

Affordable housing loans and mortgages
Favorable conditions for signing up for housing loans have significantly affected the fact that young people decide to buy apartments. In some cases, the amount of the monthly mortgage loan will be less than the monthly rent. The most popular apartments are studios and one-bedroom condos in the city center. These apartments are favorite among couples, young professionals and older buyers who invest their savings in real estate. In Belgrade and Novi Sad smaller apartments in the city center will always have high market value, primarily because they are an excellent choice for renting.

Couples planning for a family usually look for one and a half bedroom and two-bedroom apartments in Vračar, Voždovac, old Palilula and other municipalities in the wider city center area. They choose these locations for available parking spaces (if they hadn't already bought them with the property) and the proximity to public institutions.

Old apartments in the city center
Some apartments offer much more than it seems at first sight. Sometimes it only takes a small adjustment, and an old-fashioned apartment can become an ideal place for families. Buying an old apartment has its advantages because buyers had already calculated the cost of renovation in advance. They will hire contractors and tear down a wall or two, or maybe build a new one, choose the materials and renovate electrical and plumbing installations. They will transform the apartment according to their taste. In parts of the city where the price of old apartments is much lower than the cost of new apartments, this type of investment certainly pays off.

The process of selling properties

When you decide to sell property, the first thing you need to do is to choose a reliable real estate agency. As much as it seems that you can do everything by yourself, our suggestion is to find a reliable partner who can help you quickly sell the apartment. With us, the sale of the apartment is a very transparent process. We will find you a potential buyer, and the buyer will find your apartment using our website.

  • Advertising an apartment for sale

City Expert is much more than an advertising portal and much more than a traditional real estate agency. When you choose to advertise an apartment for sale, you will have all the marketing channels that we had set up at your disposal. Your property will be visible to hundreds of thousands of people. Among them is your ideal buyer.

  • How to prepare your property for sale

When we conclude a brokerage agreement, we will check all your documentation and prepare everything for sale. This method makes the entire process easier and saves your time because you won't have to hire a lawyer. This way we will have everything ready for the sale of the property, which will help the buyer to give his offer quickly. This is something that really sets us apart from the competition, and we will always insist on transparency and publishing only the accurate information.

  • Property viewings

Whether you are selling an apartment, a house or an office space, we will make a professional media presentation for your property, which will include 360 ​​photos as well as photographs and videos. This type of visual presentation will allow the customer to virtually "walk through" your apartment and thus get an insight into the place. Only genuinely interested buyers will schedule a viewing of the property and come to meet you.

  • Scheduling property viewings

This step runs automatically via the viewing scheduling system that we developed in our company. When potential buyers choose the date and time of viewing, they enter the first step of the process. From that moment on, all your communication will run automatically, directly, and in time that suits you the best. You don't have to wait to change the proposed time. You only need your mobile phone and with a single text message and our automatic system you can do all this without our presence and outside of our working hours.

  • Meeting the buyer

When the potential buyer visits the property for sale, he will already know what to expect. It is up to you to show your apartment and to answer all questions. The buyer will give his offer with the help of our online agent, who will be available for negotiation throughout the entire day. Agents lead the process of sale, and they are available on the phone or email during the day.

  • Finalization of the sale

After we reach the price that is acceptable by you and the buyer, we will discuss further details about signing the contract or sale. If the buyer is getting a housing loan from a bank, you will have to sign the pre-contract agreement. When you decide on the date and type of payment, and when the bank approves the mortgage, you will conclude the contract of sale and quickly finish the entire process.

With us the entire process is transparent. We will equally represent our buyers and property owners. We guarantee that all information we share with both sides is accurate, double-checked and distributed on time. We guarantee that we will introduce property owners with prospective buyers who are already interested and ready to make an offer. We charge commission from property owners only after we find suitable buyers and successfully realize the sale. We guarantee that we will never give up our principles and that we will continue to do things the way we imagined - revolutionary with hope to change the real estate market forever.