How to register your apartment

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How to register your apartment

Non-registered apartments can’t be sold at this moment, or be the subject of any kind of trade process (like a gifting contract for example). This is why it’s important to register your apartment if you are planning to sell it.

What documentation is required and what the procedure is can vary from case to case. Before anything else, however, it’s necessary that the building inside which the apartment is located be registered, because an apartment can’t be registered as a separate part of a building until that building is registered itself. The procedure can also vary depending on if the building was constructed before the construction regulations were brought and whether that was done with construction and use permit, or the apartment was built illegally. If this is a newly constructed object being built by an investor which possesses all required construction and use permits, the authorities in the unified proceedings will deliver the acts based on which the building will be entered into the real-estate cadastre.

If the object is not considered new construction which was registered - meaning, it was constructed with a proper construction and use permits - the registristration requires a statement from the municipality or city division for construction works which lists all the apartments in the building, the surface area, room distribution and the number of stories. If the authorities are unable to issue this statement, the apartment data can also be entered based on the findings and decision of the resident court expert for construction. In addition, it’s necessary to provide the base of acquisition (the real-estate sales contract, inheritance documentation, lifelong care contracts and the like).

The Republic geodetic Institute’s website also lists all required documentation for registering a building with registered property rights as follows:

  1. A request for registration, filled out correctly and with accurate information;
  2. A statement from the Geodetic organization verifying their agreement to perform geodetic works on the location;
  3. An elaboration from the finished geodetic works, delivered by the hired geodetic organization after they have completed their survey in the location, except in the case that the survey is performed in order to issue a usage license in a unified procedure.;
  4. If a construction and use permit was already issued for the building, the following documents should also be provided:
    • The construction and use permits in original form and a verified photocopy with a validity clause,
    • If the building features separate parts, technical documentation should also be submitted, based on which the construction and use permits were issued, or a statement from the responsible authorities on the specifications of the separate parts and in the event that the building doesn’t have a construction permit, an elaboration of the geodetic survey is provided instead. If the authorities are unable to issue a statement, the information regarding the separate part can be entered based on the findings and conclusions of the resident court expert in construction.

When registering your building or object, you should also pay appropriate fees.

Therefore, depending on the status of your building, you should prepare all required documentation and then file a request with the authorized real-estate cadastre service. bearing in mind that this process requires professional expert opinions, we advise that you hire experts in the appropriate areas. We also advise that you approach the process with patience, seeing how these types of processes can usually take a very long time.

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