Have you heard about the new settlement in Belgrade - Singidunum?

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Have you heard about the new settlement in Belgrade - Singidunum?

In the area between the districts of Batajnica and Dobanovci on one side, and Zemun Polje and Altina on the other, the construction of a new settlement with a symbolic name - Singidunum - has been announced, alluding to Belgrade on a smaller scale.

Projected on an area of 220 hectares within the municipality of Surčin, Singidunum will have characteristics of a so-called "satellite city" near an industrial zone, including residential units, commercial spaces, and various institutions such as kindergartens, elementary schools, and clinics.

In terms of capacity, it will accommodate between 8,000 and 10,000 people, with plans for the construction of 2,800 apartments.

Investor - a Dutch company in collaboration with a Belgrade firm

The investor is the company Singidunum buildings LLC Belgrade, which is owned by the Dutch company Lamda Development. The Belgrade-based company owns more than 300 hectares of this area, and the mega-complex will cover an area of ​​up to 247.5 hectares. The detailed regulation plan for the Singidunum complex was developed by the company Zapp LLC from Belgrade.

Promising microlocation with numerous planned facilities

Currently, the location is agricultural land, and the city of Belgrade has put forward a development plan for several sectors within the new settlement, including an industrial park, commercial facilities, and public buildings.

Specifically, the plan includes a railway on 4,527 m², mixed urban centers on 266,000 m², an industrial park with a high percentage of industrial activities on 522,000 m², commercial zones, three preschool institutions, elementary and high schools, as well as a health center.

The estimated number of employees in all sectors of the future complex is around 9,700, for whom residential units will be provided in the immediate vicinity. Commercial facilities may potentially be supplemented with entertainment and cultural amenities, while residential buildings with parking spaces and retail chains will be located in the center of the future settlement.

Connectivity of Singidunum to the rest of Belgrade

Currently, there are no public transport lines serving this area, but expansion of the bus subsystem is planned in the near future, along with the construction of bicycle lanes to Batajnički Drum and the Zemun Polje settlement. In addition, public transport, including the Belgrade BG train, should be accessible to the population of Singidunum once it is connected to the nearest railway stations: Batajnica railway station and Zemun Polje railway station.

Construction expansion in Surčin

Due to the development of infrastructure and a large number of private and state projects in the municipality of Surčin, such as the National Stadium and the EXPO 2027 complex, this area of Belgrade is becoming increasingly attractive to investors and property buyers, with average new construction prices currently standing at €1,700/m². If all goes as planned, the construction of the new Singidunum settlement will undoubtedly play a significant role in attracting interest to this area.

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