City Expert and Belgrade Waterfront



The newest building in the Belgrade Waterfront complex, BW Metropolitan, will have 325 apartments and a beautiful panoramic view of the Old Sava Bridge, Kalemegdan and the bank of Sava river. Find out more about the advanced features of this building.

Premium real estate in Belgrade

BW Metropolitan is a unique architectural construction with the original facade and contemporary design. The building will have a curved facade facing the roundabout, which will undoubtedly make this complex stand out. All apartments will have a gorgeous view of the confluence of Sava and Danube and the Bristol park. Each apartment in the BW Metropolitan building will have a view of the backyard so that residents will have peace and comfort in the midst of the city buzz, trendy nightlife and culture center.

Belgrade Waterfront environment

The global trend of urban gardens is slowly taking over Belgrade. Urban gardens will be located between buildings and terraces, so the residents can easily access them. This way, we get a much-needed touch of nature in the middle of the city jungle that contributes to healthier living. Future residents of BW Metropolitan will not only have a chance to enjoy the greenery, but they will also have all needed amenities at handy. This new complex will have two level garages, shops, cafes, and restaurants. Kindergarten will be located on the first floor, so residents will have more time to spend with family.

Structure of apartments

For the first time in Belgrade Waterfront buildings, two and a half bedroom apartments will be offered for sale. All apartments will have advanced lighting systems and multi-split air conditioning. The facade will be made from the compound of solid and natural materials. Along with creating a unique aesthetic appeal, this facade will also provide excellent insulation. The building will have a 24/7 video surveillance and front desk in the lobby, to help residents always feel welcome at home.