Infostan accounts: What does infostan include, and how is the price formed?


Infostan accounts: What does infostan include, and how is the price formed?

The public utility company "Infostan tehnologije" is part of the utility system of the City of Belgrade, whose activity is the unified collection of utility services. The method of unified billing (SON) of communal services in Belgrade was established on January 1, 1977. The price is determined by public companies that deliver their services to users and the Assembly of the City of Belgrade, which gives consent to price changes. At the same time, PUK "Infostan tehnologija" only makes the payment. There are currently more than 800,000 users in the unified billing system.

What does the "Infostan Technologies" account include?

Heating and water heating

JKP "Beogradske elektrane" is a public company that provides heating and water heating services. The calculation of distributed thermal energy and installed power is performed by "Infostan tehnologije" on behalf of JKP "Beogradske elektrane." Heat energy consumption is calculated for the previous month. For hot water, the price is calculated by adding the water heating fee to the delivered amount of cold water at a price determined by the company that provides the water heating service. Heating is currently charged at 119.39 dinars per square meter, while installed power is charged at 11.62 dinars per kilowatt hour per day or 1.24 dinars per square meter per day. Used thermal energy is charged at 7 dinars per kilowatt hour.

Cold water, sewerage, and operational readiness of the system

The service of cold water, sewerage, and operational readiness of the system is provided by JKP "Beogradski vodovod i kanalizacija.”  Hard water is calculated by multiplying the consumption expressed in cubic meters by the price in dinars per cubic meter. The amount thus obtained is divided according to the criteria established by the Assembly of Residential communities. The price for cold water is 59.46 dinars per cubic meter, including VAT, while for sewerage, it is 24.04 dinars per cubic meter. The system's operational readiness is paid as a fixed amount and amounts to 130.68 dinars.

Collection and transportation of municipal waste

The price of collecting and transporting municipal waste whose services are provided by JKP "Gradska čistoća" depends on whether the service is charged for a household or business premises and also depends on the group to which the entrepreneurs belong, as well as whether the business premises are up to or over 30m2. The fee for collecting and transporting municipal waste for households is 5.61 dinars per square meter, and if a flat rate is paid per bin, it is 387.20 dinars per household. For other users, the price is 16.50 dinars per square meter, while fixed fees are paid for business premises, which amount to 1,177 to 2,211 dinars, or per square meter for business premises over 30m2 amounts to 26 dinars for each square meter.

Disposal of communal waste

"Beo Čista Energija" is the first private partner in Serbia in the field of waste processing, disposal, and utilization services. They are responsible for designing, constructing, financing, and managing the new waste management center in Vinča to provide municipal and construction waste disposal and treatment services in the next 25 years. The price of municipal waste disposal for households where municipal waste is disposed of in individual bins of 240 liters is 74.80 dinars per household. In comparison, 37.40 dinars per household is charged for containers of 120 liters. Communal waste disposal for other users amounts to 2.70 dinars per square meter. In contrast, for business premises up to 30 m2, a fixed fee of 192.40 to 361.30 dinars is charged, depending on the group to which the entrepreneur belongs. The disposal of municipal waste over 30 m2 is 4.16 dinars per square meter.

Rent, maintenance of the building with and without elevator, and cleaning of the building

The public company "Gradsko Stambeno" is associated with apartments and garages in the fund of this company, as well as for non-profits and rents for refugees. Also, this company is in charge of maintaining a building with an elevator, which is charged at 17.12 dinars per square meter per apartment, and for buildings without an elevator, with a fee of 10.72 dinars per square meter per apartment. The price for apartments where business activities occur is 34.25 dinars per square meter with an elevator and 21.43 dinars per square meter for buildings without an elevator. In addition, JP "Gradsko Stambenp" deals with the cleaning of the building, and the item on the Infostan account amounts to 217.91 dinars per apartment.

Shared electricity

The provider of the common electricity service is "EPS Distribucija." Data on the amount of the total liability for the metering point is determined by multiplying the total consumption on the metering instrument by the price in dinars per kWh. The obtained amount is then distributed to separate parts of the building according to the criteria determined by the Assembly of the housing association. Criteria can be the number of household members or the used space area.

Chimney services and insurance

"Dimničar AD" is responsible for chimney sweep services. The current price is 1,383 dinars per square meter.

Apartment owners are allowed to insure their property, and this service is provided by several insurance companies.

Current and investment maintenance of the building and compensation to the manager

They are calculated and collected based on the decision of the assembly of the Housing Association, which determines the types and fees. Their collection is entrusted to the unified collection system of "Infostan Tehnologije." The collected funds, under the contract, are transferred to the current account of the housing association, which independently, without further participation of  "Infostan tehnologije," decides on the purpose and dynamics of their spending.

Investment and ongoing elevator maintenance

It is done according to the individual contract with the housing association, and the service providers are several companies, among which are "Pan lift d.o.o.", "Kosmaj d.o.o.", "Kone d.o.o." and other.

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