9 things you always wanted to know about City Expert

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9 things you always wanted to know about City Expert

After three years of doing business in Belgrade and Novi Sad, in the second half of 2018 City Expert became the first online real estate agency in Serbia. Our goal is to jump-start the change and to openly address all major issues that our users have with real estate agencies. In this post, you will find answers to all those questions you always wanted to ask but didn't have the opportunity.

1. How can a real estate agency lease apartments without charging commission?

As an agency that provides brokerage services for lease of immovable properties, we charge commission only to property owners. For tenants, all our services are free of charge.

2. Does that mean that you work only for property owners?

If there were no buyers and tenants there would be no sale or lease, therefore no successful brokerage realizations that would make profit. So, we would never work just for the interest of property owners because all our users are equally important to us. The important thing to note here is that City Expert website was created as a self-service page where users need to find a property all by themselves. We created a website with an excellent user experience, an extensive database of available properties and access to information about expenses. We made it possible to all our users to find information that only a real estate agent could do before. Therefore, we are continually working for both sides, so our users could find an apartment or a house by themselves.

3. Is commission included in the price?

The property owner is the one who sets the price. When it comes to selling houses and apartments, the price is usually negotiable, and our agents quite often help with the negotiations to lower the price. Hence, the myth that the commission is included in the price is simply not true. On some property pages, you will find information that if the property is advertised on other portals or with other agencies at a lower price, we will honor that same (lower) price if the property owner permits us. So when property owner approves lowering the price, and we honor their request, there's no possible way that we can include the commission in the price. We would never suggest the higher rate because the property won't be sold via us or it won't be sold at all.

4. Does it pay off to offer lower commission than your competitors?

As we use modern technology to speed up the process of publishing a property online, we can process more request in less time. That's why we can offer the lowest commission on the market. By eliminating unnecessary steps like an agent present at the location and by introducing electronic documents, we cut our general costs and offered property owners a brokerage deal that will save them both time and money.

5. Why do I need to verify?

Before we became an online real estate agency, our clients and users had to provide their ID's to a real estate agent, so they could sign a document that proves that we introduced them to each other. Now, when all this is done electronically, we ask you to verify so we could do the same thins online.

6. What do you do with the data you collect?

We keep our database safe and registered at the Commissioner for information of public importance and personal data protection, and we use it and manage it as it is stipulated by law.

7. Why does the property look better in the photos than in real life?

Property owners tend to tidy up before we visit them for a photo shoot to make their place really stand out and show it in the best light. So, if you get an impression that the property looks much better online than in real life, it's because property owners can't keep their place photoshoot-ready at all times, especially if they live there. It's hardly unlikely that anyone's apartment looks picture perfect at all times.

8. Who supports City Expert?

Our employees, ENIF fond that invested in City Expert via SC Ventures and creative force that pushes us to change the real estate industry. 1.5 million € allowed us to invest in technology, employees and the automation system that will help us upgrade our business and cut the time it takes to rent or sell one property.

9. Why do I keep seeing City Expert property listings on other portals?

We sometimes cooperate with other agencies and portals so we could increase the chances of selling or renting the property. Those additional services have nothing to do with the commission we charge to the owners. We are always open to collaborating with our colleagues and other agencies so we could offer our users the best possible service and greatest visibility.

If you have more questions, you can always write to us on Facebook and Instagram. If you want to offer your property for sale or rent, you can find helpful info on our website. Those who wish to rent or buy a property in Belgrade and Novi Sad can start with our advanced search and use filters to find an ideal apartment that will feel like home.