City Expert and CarGo – the change leaders of the future

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City Expert and CarGo – the change leaders of the future

CarGo and CityExpert offer a 10% discount for your next ride. This is for City Expert registered users only. Enjoy a quick and low-cost ride to your new home.

New technologies, the internet, and smartphones changed the way we travel, shop, work and learn. Today we have generations that don't know for the world without the internet, companies who work exclusively online and hundreds of digital services that make everyday living much more comfortable. We have online shopping, travel planning and maps and navigation we can't travel without. CarGo and City Expert are one of those pioneers who changed their sectors from the ground. Learn more about their mission and how they reformed their industries.

Not that far away in 2015, two companies tried to change travel service and real estate forever. Both CarGo and City Expert were founded with the same goal - to take one traditional service and customize it to fit the needs of a modern man. Today when thousands of properties were sold or rented via City Expert, and when thousands of people use CarGo app, we can proudly declare that in three years we managed to succeed in what we initially started. We managed to become leaders in the real estate market and to offer our users a transparent transport service at the most affordable price.

Transparency is our currency

When they first founded City Expert, we started with the idea to share all information about properties directly online. When we say all information, we literary mean every single detail. On our website, you can find out about monthly expenses, maintenance costs, fixtures, fittings, and take a virtual tour of the property. The foundation of any good relationship is honest and transparent communication. That's why City Expert offered all information online from the very beginning and granted property owners the lowest price on the market. Also, by cutting the middleman (aka agent present at the viewings), we opened up new opportunities for direct contact with interested buyers and tenants.

CarGo offers the most affordable transportation service by private vehicles in the territory of Belgrade, Zagreb, Podgorica, and Vienna. It's not a taxi service. It's a transport service from point A to point B that uses a mobile app and gives you a price estimation and an option to pay electronically. When you order a vehicle, you will receive information about the driver, car, registration and price estimation. You can monitor your vehicle on the map, and when it reaches your address, you'll get a notification that your ride is ready. Payment is processed only electronically, and because you already know the price in advance, there will be no unpleasant surprises. CarGo changed the transportation industry according to the needs of modern society. Price, expenses, policies, and people who stand behind a business are not kept in secret anymore.

Simplicity is our imperative

How many times did you have to calculate how much will a taxi driver charge you for one simple ride? Even when you know the price for your daily commute, there's no guarantee that the nighttime drive will cost the same. How many times did you finish a ride not even knowing your driver's name, car, and registration number? CarGo gives you access to all this information in advance via a mobile app. This simple app saves time and money for all our users.

To find an apartment that you like all you need to do is go the City Expert website and choose filters that will customize your search. In the same way, you can find a perfect house or an office, or book a short-rental for your vacation in Belgrade and Novi Sad. You can find all the information online and schedule a viewing with just one click. By simplifying the entire process of buying and selling, we made it possible for property owners to make a profit in a quicker and easier way and to form a direct and honest relationship with their customers.

Technology is our inspiration

When the technological revolution started to shake the Serbian IT scene, we were the first to jump on the bandwagon. This is partly since City Expert is a technology startup founded by young people who believe in the power of technology, and partly because our clients - property owners and all our customers - buyers and tenants don't have too much free time on their hands. There's no need to go to the bank to pay the bills when there's e-banking. The same thing goes for apartment hunting with the agent present at the location and city transportation without an explicit price estimation. Technology inspires us to upgrade our systems, make them more efficient and offer our users the best customer experience. Also, technology enables us to reduce unnecessary steps, automate the entire process and offer the lowest commission on the market.