Five things you need to know about apartment sale in Novi Sad

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Studios are the most popular type of apartments in Novi Sad, and the most popular locations are Nova Detelinara and Bulevar Oslobođenja. There are a lot of new apartments for sale, but there are still more buyers than there are apartments for sale. If you wish to buy an apartment in Novi Sad, now is the right time. Here are five things you need to know before you decide to buy an apartment.

Apartment sale in Novi Sad - location as a determining factor

#1 - Location determines the price
Location is the main factor that determines the price of a property. Apartments in the center of Novi Sad are the most popular choice because buyers want to live in the center of all happenings. In addition to the location, the essential factors in determining the price are the structure of the apartment and the quality of construction. Buyers are mostly looking for apartments in the city center. They are also looking for old apartments that they can renovate.

When we say that an apartment is in a good location, that means that it's near main city attractions, schools, supermarkets, and parks. Buyers insist on parking places, and they are often interested in buying a garage.

# 2 - Smaller apartments are becoming more and more popular

The two most popular locations for smaller apartments are Nova Detelinara and Bulevar Oslobodjenja. Buyers here look for one-bedroom apartments and the studios that they can easily rent. The studios are usually up to 30 square meters and have one window and one balcony door. However, sometimes you'll find a much larger studio, especially in newer buildings.

Parents who buy apartments for their children, particularly students, are looking for apartments near the faculties. Those who purchase apartments for rent prefer to be near Bulevar Evrope, Nova Detelinara, and the city center. However, in the city center, you can only buy old buildings, so there are not many studios for sale. This means that if you own a studio apartment in the center of Novi Sad, now is a perfect time to sell it.

Families look for one-bedroom apartments near schools and kindergartens with a parking space. One-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments are the most popular, but many families who plan more children sell their smaller apartments and look for bigger ones.

# 3 - It is necessary to check the documentation before the sales process

Before you decide to sell an apartment, you must have all the necessary documentation ready. We insist on preparing everything in advance because we want to make sure that there won't be necessary delays.

Buyers who plan to get a mortgage and a housing loan can only buy apartments that are registered in the Real Estate Cadastre.

City Expert checks all documentation before photo shooting. Our real estate agents and legal team check the paperwork and advise to get the missing documentation as soon as possible. We do all of this before even publishing the property because we want to help you to sell a property quickly.

# 4 - You should always negotiate the price

The most expensive apartments are located in the center of Novi Sad, and the most marketable ones are at Detelinara and Grbavica. Liman 1 and Liman 2 are also popular because they are close to universities. The price per square meter ranges from 1000 to 1800 euros, depending on the size and quality of the building. Of course, the location dictates the price, but real estate agents advise that the price shouldn't be much higher than the actual market value. If the price is much higher than it's worth, the property will be on the market for ages. Real estate agents in City Expert advise you to start with the price you would be happy with so that in the process of negotiation, you reach an adequate price that is acceptable for both buyers and sellers.

# 5 - Pay Attention to Extra Costs

Selling an apartment is usually associated with earning lots of money, but if you sell an apartment all by yourself, there are many more things you need to do to find a buyer. You need to hire a lawyer, find photographers and a way to advertise your property. However, if you choose a reliable agency, you will get all that in one place. All these services are included in the brokerage fee and additional costs in City Expert simply do not exist.

Apartment sale in Novi Sad

Our top picks for apartment sale in Novi Sad are located in Nova Detelinara, where you can get a small family apartment for 50 000 or 60 000 euros. Larger two bedrooms apartment in a newer building are more expensive, but they have a luxury interior.

Apartments in Grbavica are a bit more expensive, while flats for sale in the center of Novi Sad are twice as much expensive as flats in the suburbs.

The most affordable ones are located in Bistrica (Novo naselje) and Telep, where you can get really large family apartments at an affordable price.

The average price per square meter for apartments for sale in Novi Sad

Adamovićevo naselje1005
Avijatičarsko naselje765
Cara Dušana1095
Detelinara nova956
Futoški put751
Jodna banja1066
Liman I1124
Liman II1106
Liman III1139
Liman IV1028
Lipov Gaj1257
Novi Bulevar1211
Novo Naselje914
Somborski bulevar1043
Sremska Kamenica637
Tatarsko brdo847
Železnička stanica1023