What sets us apart from all other real estate agencies in Novi Sad


What sets us apart from all other real estate agencies in Novi Sad

It's been a few years now that the demand for new apartments in Novi Sad keeps on growing. There are a lot of buyers, but not many quality apartments. On top of that, there are a lot of real estate agencies in Novi Sad, so the average buyer often wonders which agency is the best? We will tell you why we are different than the rest, so you can decide if we are the right kind of different for you.

Property presentation

There are not many real estate agencies in Novi Sad that publish quality presentations online. Lately, more and more real estate agencies realized the importance of good online presentations, so we see interactive maps and search filter here and there, which is a big plus and we are happy that other agencies are following our steps.

For property owners, the online property presentation means better visibility and better chances in finding an ideal buyer/tenant. The presentation features photos, video, 360 presentations, room layout, information about expenses and additional info about taxes, VAT return and the possibility to buy a parking space.

When buyers/tenants see the professional photographs they can already imagine themselves in a new home. Photos allow them to explore the place and to see if that property is a good choice for them.

The video takes buyers and tenants through virtual sightseeing. Buyers often fear that property looks too good in the pictures, so the video can reassure them that everything they see is real.

360 presentation, as the name says it, gives a 360 view of the place. That way they can see how far away are the walls, which is the best furniture layout and to plan their living in advance.

Whether you're selling or renting the property, the City Expert floor plan will show the exact room layout to interested users. The plan is interactive, linked to photos and 360 view. This is remarkably helpful when we're listing larger apartments and houses.

Information about expenses and fixtures&fittings play the biggest role in renting apartments. Tenants often seek only for fully furnished places, so with just a quick glance on the listing they will know if that property is a good fit for them. This type of presentation allows us to quickly rent apartments and to increase the number of listed apartments on our website. That enables us to offer the lowest commission on the market.

In addition, buyers would like to know information about parking, VAT return, and information about taxes. So, we are giving them a chance to see all of that in advance so they can plan their budget and decide which apartment is the right fit for them.

Direct communication with the owner

What sets us apart from the other real estate agencies in Novi Sad is that with us there will be no real estate agent present at the viewing. The viewings are scheduled online. All communication is direct. There is no need to have an agent present at the viewing because the agent works from an office. By working with our legal team, an agent will help with the documentation, negotiations and everything else.

On the other side, all the information about the property are exchanged directly, so there's no need to hesitate to ask questions, which is often the case when the agent is present at the viewing.

We know that you are making one of the biggest decisions of your life and not only that we don't want to disturb, but we also want to help you feel safe and taken care of.

We intentionally left the most important fact for the end because to us, it's equally important to state out that we make professional presentations. The direct benefit of our business model is that it takes us less time to sell or lease a property.

See our pricelist.

The commission fee includes the media presentations, documentation check, and complete service of our real estate agents. We will be there for you from the moment you decide to offer property on the City Expert Real Estate Agency in Novi Sad website or to buy a house or an apartment until we successfully seal the deal.