The best real estate agency in Novi Sad


The best real estate agency in Novi Sad

After two years of continuous work in Novi Sad, we managed to offer the lowest commission on the market, the best way to search for properties and the most efficient system of booking property viewings. Now we can proudly say that we are the best real estate agency in Novi Sad.

How we became the best real estate agency in Novi Sad?

When we first opened our office in Novi Sad in April 2017, we wanted to transfer the successful business model we already had in Belgrade. Novi Sad was an ideal market because buyers are mostly young couples, families, and professionals who look for new apartments. Our users buy apartments while they are still in construction, but they are also interested in old apartments in the city center in need of renovation. Naturally, our primary goal was to give our users a chance to buy apartment in Novi Sad.

Quality photography as a trademark

We started with photographing properties, making professional media presentations and recording videos for every property. In Novi Sad, we also wanted to do the mapping of the city, and with the help of experts from our development team, we divided the entire city into neighborhoods. Neighborhood filter enabled us to offer our users an efficient search system where they can find an ideal home with just a few clicks.

Floorplans for every room

There are quite a lot of houses for sale in Novi Sad. That's why it was even more important to make a floor plan for each property on our website. The floor plan is interactive, so you can click on each room and see its photos. That is a handy feature for houses and big apartments, so users can know in advance how the property looks like even before they go to see it live.

All our technological and technical innovations combined with our agents' expert knowledge led us to where we are. In just two years of business here, we managed to become the best real estate agency in Novi Sad.

What had changed in the world of real estate in Novi Sad?

Users are already accustomed to our highly professional photographs and media presentations. Now, a lot more portals and real estate agencies include maps and interactive search which we introduced to the Serbian market. And, we are proud that we were the pioneers of this revolution. Users like to independently search for properties because that gives them full control over the process and freedom to experiment with search filters.

Filters for advanced search

Our users apply search filters and precisely find what they need, so they don't have to visit a dozen apartments or houses for sale. We managed to achieve this by letting users see how the apartment looks like, learn about expenses, fixtures and fittings and only then schedule the viewing. We are the only real estate agency that doesn't have agents present at the viewings. Our agents are, unlike before, now available throughout the day via phone or email to give you advice and support you need.

The real estate agency with the lowest commission

The most important change in the market is introducing lower commission in comparison to the other agencies. Property owners get professional media presentation of their property for free, i.e., included in the brokerage commission, which we only charge if we sell the property. It's not a secret that we use advanced advertising methods, and that our development team is continuously looking for new ways to optimize user experience.

With us, it is possible to buy an apartment in Novi Sad and to have full support during the entire process.

Apartment sale in Novi Sad

The process of selling apartments in Novi Sad starts online. Our expert team of photographers and media production specialists is responsible for publishing properties on our website. We arrange the photoshoots with the property owner, and we make the media presentation straight after. We want to show the property in the best possible light, so we do everything to help our photographers realistically record every detail.

Support for legal and administrative processes

After publishing a property to the site, interested buyers will schedule viewings directly on the website and choose the time that suits them the best. Automatic scheduling system speeds up the entire process and allows buyers and owners to communicate without the agent present at the viewing. Agents will, in addition to the initial documentation check (which we always do before we publish the property), manage the entire sales process from beginning to the end. Our legal team will also provide necessary support and draft the contracts.

Since the most popular apartments in Novi Sad are family apartments and houses with a backyard, we are trying to make it easier for our users to search the properties on our website by classifying them in groups. So, if you are only looking for a house with a parking space or an apartment with a large balcony, you can choose these characteristics on the site itself. We know that the ideal apartment is not always available and we know you are looking for something specific. Take our word for it, good apartments are worth waiting for, so in City Expert, we understand how important it is to be the first one to get the news that there is a new property on the market.

Saved search

We designed functionalities such as adding favorite properties and saved search that allow you to be the first one to find out about the new properties in our offer that match your criteria. So, if we publish a property on our website that matches your ideal criteria from a saved search, you will be the first one to find out about it - you'll get a notification straight to your inbox.

Unlike with traditional agencies, you don't have to wait to get information, and you don't need to wait for agents to find out about it. In City Expert everything runs automatically and without your continuous commitment. Our system does that for you! The only thing you need to do is to check your phone and your email which you used to register on our website.

Constant quality

In the era of significant changes, it is important to us that our users know that we are thinking about them and that we were here to give them help and support whenever they need. Our online agents are available to give you advice on legal-administrative processes that are still unknown to many, and our legal team is ready to help you successfully sign a sale contract.