The left Bank of the Danube is getting a new settlement, what will it be called? Between Krnjača and Ovča, our suggestion is Panča!

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The left Bank of the Danube is getting a new settlement, what will it be called? Between Krnjača and Ovča, our suggestion is Panča!

Belgrade will receive another settlement within its territory, and this time the city is planned to expand within the municipality of Palilula.

According to the plan of the Secretariat for Urban Planning and Construction, the designated area covers 300 hectares, situated between Krnjača, Ovča, and Pančevo. The project envisages the construction of around 2,000 apartments, commercial activities, and institutions. Let's see what this location has to offer to future residents!

“From Tašmajdan to the Danube's flow, our municipality's reach does show…”

The Serbian writer Raša Popov wrote this verse dedicated to Palilula in the middle of the last century, where he lived and created. With the intensive construction on the left bank of the Danube, this Belgrade municipality experienced a significant shift in its borders, so the verse could be expanded. As there is a large area of unused land in the designated area for the new settlement, and it is only a 15-minute drive from the city center, it is expected to become an attractive opportunity for investors and buyers.

Facilities of the future settlement

According to the draft plan of detailed regulation of the Urban Planning Institute of Belgrade, 80 hectares are allocated for residential complexes, 36 hectares for commercial facilities, and 78 hectares for industrial zones and parks. The settlement should receive all important public facilities: kindergartens, a complex of primary schools, and a health center.

The original plan envisaged the construction of 2,045 apartments for 7,874 residents and around 3,730 jobs in this development.

Located 8 km from the Republic Square, this location has the potential to become a sought-after choice for living and working if the announced plans are realized.

Connection with the rest of Belgrade

The nearest public transport point is the railway station Sebeš within the BG train offering excellent connections to the city center, New Belgrade, Zemun, all the way to Batajnica. Access to different parts of the city is provided via the Pančevački Bridge and the Mihajlo Pupin Bridge.

Disadvantages of the left bank of the Danube

Among the reasons why settlements on the left bank of the Danube are generally not popular are the lack of adequate sewage system, numerous unpaved streets, and isolation from the city core by the natural border - the Danube. For these reasons, property prices in settlements such as Kotež, Krnjača, Borča, and Ovča are more affordable compared to other parts of the capital.

How this project will be implemented and when remains to be seen, but until then, we can think about what the new settlement could be called. Our suggestion for the name is - Panča, because of the rhyme with neighboring settlements Borča, Ovča, and Krnjača, as well as the proximity to the Pančevo Bridge.

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