TOP 5 apartments for sale in Novi Sad that you must see

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TOP 5 apartments for sale in Novi Sad that you must see

So, you want to buy a perfect family apartment in Novi Sad? Take a look at the flats that real estate agency City Expert, office in Novi Sad recommends. This week's countdown begins...


A center-located duplex

The honor to open City Expert's top list of apartments for sale in Novi Sad goes to a duplex located in a building 500m from the Novi Sad's center. The apartment has three bedrooms and two bathrooms. The lower level of a duplex is usually reserved for shared spaces (living room, dining room, kitchen), and the upper level is for providing privacy for family members. The price of the kitchen elements is included in the property price.

Pros: Location.

Cons: Third floor, no elevator.

Score:                     8/10

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A charming duplex in Detelinara

This modern duplex has three bedrooms and two bathrooms. It's a perfect place for family life because a kindergarten is just across the street, and two elementary schools and one high school are near.

This year, the owners renovated the floor covers, and the property price includes sliding doors wardrobes and a tastefully decorated kitchen. If you wish, you can also buy all the furniture and appliances. Just imagine quiet evenings with an electric fireplace in a living room!

Pros: Price, location (3 km from the center).

Cons: Roof windows, if you're not a fan. 

Score:                     8/10

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A family apartment in Novo naselje

Lately, we get a lot of requests for apartments in Novo Naselje, and there's a reason why. During the years, Novo naselje has grown into a neighborhood full of lush greenery, with a lot of parking space, and many amenities (kindergartens, playgrounds, supermarkets, markets, cafes) that provide a comfortable life.

Therefore, this week we picked two apartments in Novo Naselje. The first one is this three-bedroom apartment. It is located on the fifth floor and has plenty of light and beautiful views from two terraces. It has a toilet, bathroom, pantry, two bedrooms and a large living room with a dining area and kitchen. The kitchen elements are included in the price, and the price is negotiable.

Pros: New building, beautiful layout, central heating.

Cons: The distance from the center (but good connectivity with the other parts).

Score:                     8/10

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A spacious duplex in Novo naselje

We're in Novo naselje again. As mentioned above, Novo naselje is a very sought-after place for life nowadays. This apartment is a duplex in a smaller building, spacious enough for a larger family and completely renovated. It has three bedrooms and two bathrooms and is equipped for a comfortable life. The owner is selling it unfurnished.

Pros: Location, excellent price.

Cons: The distance from the center (but good connectivity with the other parts).

Score:                     9/10

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The apartment in Liman

For those of you who prefer old build, the first place on the City Expert top list goes to the three-room apartment in Liman 4. Liman is considered to be an all-time favorite Novi Sad neighborhood because of the proximity of the center and Danube. 

Our winner for this week is located in a building built in the 80ties. It has a classic layout with a separate kitchen and storage room. It is spacious, completely renovated, and has two bedrooms and two balconies.

Pros: Location, separate kitchen.

Cons: We're not sure – Liman is always in demand.

Score:                     9.5/10

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We hope you enjoyed this week's selection of apartments for sale in Novi Sad. If you're interested in one of them, hurry – a lot of people are interested too. Make sure to check out our offer of other apartments for sale in Novi Sad, and as long as you're here, check out the offer of apartments for rent in Novi Sad. Good luck!

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