How to make the most out of a small apartment

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How to make the most out of a small apartment

Many people will tell you that a time will come when you will simply overgrow your tiny apartment. Those planning to start a family will confirm that this is true. Nevertheless, small apartments have a certain appeal. They are easier to maintain and with a little creativity, they can be redesigned to be a comfortable place to live. Check out how you can make the most out of your small apartment.

Living room

The first step is always the cleaning. Clean and declutter, give away everything that you don't use anymore and replace everything that's broken. The most important thing is to get rid of massive furniture that's outdated and takes up a lot of space. If you're living in a rental, talk to your landlord about what you can and cannot move.

The best type of furniture for the living room is multifunctional one with storage space. Coffee tables with drawers are an ideal solution for storing extra stuff. It's important to move the furniture to the center of the room. It may seem natural to push everything towards the walls, but that layout can visually narrow the room.

Home office

Living in a studio can make a real living room seem like a luxury. You are so used to doing everything in one room, you probably use your dining table to improvise a home office. Find a simple desk that doesn't take much space. Use bookshelf to divide the working area from the living room. Instead of one large carpet, choose two smaller rugs in different size and colors to visually separate lounging area from the working corner.


If you don't already have built-in closets, avoid blocking the entire wall with your wardrobe. You can make a wall rack and keep bags and clothes in handy. Store some things in your bed drawers too. You can keep blankets and duvets stashed under the bed, and get some boxes that you can just push down under until you need them.

Children's room

Parents with schoolkids know how important it is to have peace and quiet for studying. Their rooms need to be clean and tidy to help them feel motivated to study, and on the other hand, they need to be cozy and homey to help them relax. To make the most of the small space, get multifunctional desks with bunk beds on top. This creative piece of furniture is very popular among kids because it motivates them to have fun, study, and relax.


If you've just bought an apartment and plan to renovate it think about kitchen cabinets that go all the way up. That way you will have plenty of room to store kitchen appliances and to put away dining sets for 16 persons that you use once in a blue moon. You can install hooks and racks on the cabinet doors and store pot lids. Make a wall rack where you can hang pots and pans. This will save a lot of cabinet space and make you feel like a professional chef.


You can have more than one wall cabinet in the bathroom. Hang them all the way to the ceiling in one corner, and store your towels, cleaning products and cosmetics. The only thing you need to pay attention to is the type of material for cabinets, as it needs to be damp proofed. You can put flowerpots and plants on them. If your bathroom doesn't have windows choose simple decoration instead.

Make the most out of the wall space, ceilings, and empty corners. Hang shelves, plants and make wall racks. Add more light by getting lamps, rice lights, and lanterns. Store luggage and other large boxes in corners. If none of this tricks work, maybe it's time to find a family house for sale in Belgrade or to move into a bigger apartment. Check out our offer of apartments for rent in Belgrade and find your new, bigger home.