Spring - the best season to move into a new apartment

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Spring - the best season to move into a new apartment

If you are planning to move into a new apartment, spring is the best season to do so. As days get warmer and longer you will have more time and energy to pack your boxes and schedule the move. Spring is a natural time of change when we feel a great urge for starting fresh. Once you find the apartment for rent, it's time to pack your bags and make the most out of your spring move.

Ideal temperature

Spring is the ideal season for physically demanding jobs. It's not too hot nor too cold, so you'll have an optimal temperature for carrying a heavy load. You won't need to worry about moving delicate items on slippery icy roads or get cold while you carry boxes. In the apartment, you can complete small renovation hassle free, as you can open the windows to let the cleaning fumes out and let the paint dry. The last weather-related effect is psychological, but it doesn't hurt to remind you, that sunny days always brighten up the mood.

More apartments for rent

If you're looking for long term rent, Belgrade has the best offer in springtime. School starts in the fall, so many apartments get booked by students. In wintertime, almost no one wants to leave their warm homes, so you have fewer apartments to choose from. Moving companies claim that summer season is the busiest one. Therefore, that leaves spring as the best time to find an apartment that fits your needs.

Longer days

Time is of the essence when it comes to moving apartments. That's why it's a good idea to do the most on the weekends, but also to do a little bit on workdays too. Considering the daylight savings and longer days, you will have more time to do things during workdays. So, you can ask your friends to come over and help you with the move each day after work. Nothing says friendship like carrying a heavy couch on the third floor on a Monday after work.


Before you start unpacking, it would be better to first thoroughly clean the entire apartment. If you need to paint the walls, wash windows and scrub the bathroom, the best time to do it is before settling in. Wash the bed covers, blankets, and duvets, and let them dry naturally on an airing rack. Spring- cleaning also means decluttering, so make sure to toss away old magazines, robust souvenirs, and everything else that is broken, forgotten or useless. Go through your wardrobe and get rid of everything that doesn't fit anymore, or that you haven't worn in over a year. Just remember not to throw away your clothes, as you can donate them.

Make your own green oasis

Having a balcony is undeniably a great advantage of every apartment, especially if you want to make your own green oasis. Belgrade has a nice choice of apartments with balconies, so take your time to pick out the right one. Spring is an ideal time to tidy up the balcony and look into investing in nice flowers, plants, and pots. On top of decorative plants, you can also plant herbs and spices and grow your own basil or oregano, and have the freshest ingredients handy.

Moving apartments can be tough, and time-consuming, but it is also one of the nicest milestones in life - the time of new beginnings. For those who just started apartment hunting, we suggest looking at our apartments for rent in Belgrade. We will be there to help you find a place suited to your needs and ready just in time for a springtime move.