Find Luxury Real Estate Quickly and Easily


Find Luxury Real Estate Quickly and Easily

Let professionals find you an apartment or a house

If you are a legal entity looking for an apartment for your employees, you are an embassy employee or a foreign citizen and you need luxury real estate but do not have enough time to devote to searching for one, the renowned real estate agency City Expert has created a new premium service to facilitate and speed up the process of finding the ideal property.

About the new premium service, we talked to Aleksandar Andjelić, one of the consultants of that City Expert service, and what potential clients can expect from it. Mr. Andjelić has successfully cooperated with domestic and foreign companies, a number of embassies, and diplomatic missions during his career.

What does the new City Expert premium service bring to the clients?

Based on long-term experience and numerous clients who have used our system, we concluded that there is a certain group of premium clients who require and need additional service. Individuals and legal entities looking for a luxury apartment for their employees should not have to deal with the procedure of finding an apartment. It is their job to know that the process was completed quickly and that their wishes were met while respecting their budget.

By listening to the wishes of our clients, we devised a new service called “City Expert Premium Service”, which entails that we fully meet the needs of our clients when it comes to searching for real estate. The service saves time and money and eliminates unnecessary stress when finding a luxury property. This means that the premium clients will have at their disposal a licensed agent who is completely dedicated, intently listens to the client's needs, and finds the best apartments for the client in line with their preferences.

The licensed agent is fully committed to the process of finding the ideal property. What exactly does that entail?

The licensed agent first performs a detailed market analysis and then the analysis of the micro-location and on that basis, inform the client of all the advantages and disadvantages of the location. Within 24 hours, the agent will find a verified apartment that suits the client's preferences and has the best price-to-quality ratio, after which the agent will introduce the client to the apartment's owner. It is important to mention that this service ensures full legal protection, namely, a legal inspection of the apartment in which the potential tenant will live, drafting a lease agreement, and providing all additional and required legal information. All the client is left to do is to move into the property.


Find Luxury Real Estate Quickly and Easily

Do you have companies and embassies as clients too?

City Expert Premium Service is already cooperating with several multinational companies and embassies that trust us to find the best real estate for their employees in this way. Full transparency and support is something that guarantees long-term successful cooperation and is the reason why City Expert is the first choice of a large number of our clients.

How can people who are interested in this service apply?

Filling out the application form is simple and fast. All you need to do is contact us via email at or phone 011 44 26 000, tell us what you need and the licensed agent will take care of the necessary documentation, will answer any additional questions you might have, and find the desired property as soon as possible. Last but not least, Mr. Andjelić says that the work of the licensed agent does not end after the real estate has been leased out and the contract signed, but that the agent is available to answer all inquiries and provide complete support to premium clients.

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